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Boss, Please don’t ask us work from home

Covid-19 pandemic could be a turning point for work from home or remote work

During Movement Control Orders (MCO), everyone is restricted to go out, avoid contacting with others. Offices and Companies closed their operation during this period, all employees remain at home, can not goto office. Government official announced that all employer have to pay all salary in full during this MCO. At this point, which means this is a long paid holiday for everyone.

Some people being instructed by company to work from home. Once listen to this work at home, everyone feel happy, exciting. Everyone have a dream, a dream to work at home, no need to go office everyday. Continue reading

List of the Facebook Games for Malaysian during Movement Control

List of the Facebook Games for Malaysian during Movement Control

Malaysia implement Movement Control Order, MCO from 18Mar to 14Apr which stop everyone from moving around the neighbourhood or town. This MCO meant to stop the infection chain of covid-19. During this MCO period, government advice everyone to stay at home.

Stay at home is safe, safe from covid-19, but it is also means no work, no business and no income. Malaysian always very creative, during this period, they can think about lot of creative way of continue doing business and personal branding.

List of the thing Malaysia doing during MCO

You can play games to kill time too. I knew some of the people do not wish to install games into their cellphone or personal computer. I fully understand that, because play games is a non productive activities in normal day. But in Movement Control Orders, MCO now, after all the house keeping, day dreaming, eating, sleeping, please let yourself relax with some simple games provided free by Facebook or some related merchant. Continue reading