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Most Annoying Group Wefie photos you’d ever see

by JinnyBoy TV

Group photo, now a day many of us call it “Wefie” and I call it “Usfie”. When a brunch of friends gather together, we loves to take photos, as memory, as proof of gathering or as for sake of taking photo for Facebook sharing.

When we’re enjoying taking Wefie/Usfie, did you know you might cause some people around you feel uneasy.¬† Continue reading

Camera Review: Casio ZR3500 – Snap photo and share is too easy

Casio ZR3500 Camera Review

Breakfast with Casio ZR3500, Phuket – Thailand

Everybody loves to have a good camera to bring along in any trip, to record every split second of life, of fun. Yet, which one to choose for? There are so many brands and models in the market. I pick Casio ZR3500 for review this time.

Why I pick it? Mainly due to it weight is lighter, approx 2548g. Of course it main feature as below also one of the main reason I like it. Continue reading