What All Successful Insurance Agents KNOW and DO by Branding Yourself with Steve Wee & Winnie Loo

Ready to break the mould?

Are you an insurance agent who has always wanted to differentiate yourself from others in your field, but have struggled to find the right way to do it? Brand Yourself’s Celebrity Entrepreneur Showcase is here to show you how it can be done! Held on 30th June in our new offices in The Vertical Business Suites in Bangsar South, the Celebrity Entrepreneur Showcase will be an absolutely FREE evening of inspiring stories told by some of today’s most successful Malaysian entrepreneurs, well-kept branding secrets and all you need to know to get yourself started on the way to discovering the brand called YOU.


Branding Yourself: What All Successful Insurance Agents KNOW and DO by Steve Wee and Winnie Loo

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Brand Yourself
Personal Branding thru online and offline

Branding Yourself: What All Successful Insurance Agents KNOW and DO by Steve Wee and Winnie Loo

We believe everybody should take charge and build a personal brand that is so powerful; it will knock the socks off your competitors! We will empower you to stand out in the noisy world and be the superstar in your area of expertise!

Brand Yourself started when we were approached by our clients who wanted to know how they can be the face of their industry. Most of them complained that they have tried dozens of ways but still can’t seem to find the right way to be the ‘it’ guy everybody is raving about.Then we realized many of our clients, including seasoned companies, veteran organizations and experienced individuals, come to us without the slightest clue on how to get started with personal branding. They don’t know how to stand out among the pool of homogeneous crowd competitors and be noticed by their potential prospects.

Showcase Schedule:

30 June – What All Successful Insurance Agents KNOW AND DO
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Dear Agents,

Ever wonder why some insurance agents enjoy better likability, easily connect with their prospects, have better teams and close the policy you have always dreamed of?
What if we tell you that you can do exactly the same and build not only a career but a dynamic team like any top insurance agents do?

We are talking about being face a.k.a CELEBRITY ENTREPRENEUR in your industry. Let’s face it, there are many insurance agents around and most individuals have more than on insurance agent within their network. Why should they choose you and not the other? In order to be their preferred agent, you need to be different. Not only that, you need to equip yourself with charismatic personalities, eloquent communication skills and marketing skills that people simply can’t say no to.

Discover the power of being the Celebrity Entrepreneur in your industry, the power to sell so people will buy you and your products, the power to turn objections into acceptance and the power to attract people to grow under your wings! Let us help you create better connections with your prospects and teams, build significant branding for yourself and achieve the reputation that you deserved. Let us turn that dream policy into reality!

Over the years, we have helped many of our clients to transform their lives, reach for their goals and achieve their desired success. Today we’d love to share the secrets with you in this 3-hours showcase. If you don’t want to be just another average Joe in your industry, but to be a cut above the rest, we believe this is something you are looking for. You might be surprised how much positive changes it brings when you become the Celebrity Entrepreneur in your industry.

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