Why POOR people always STUCK in poverty, RICH people always stay RICH.

Why POOR people always STUCK in poverty, RICH people always stay RICH.

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Maybe you’d read the “RICH Dad, POOR Dad” and many more motivational books in the market. You still wondering why RICH people always remain rich, while poor people remain in poverty. There are many reason behind this, let’s us read this story below, and discuss on this topic.

Long longtime ago (why must start like this?), there is a Landlord in a area visited a village. He found out that there only one family left in that village and he and his family very very poor, nothing growth from their farm. Landlord would like to offer help to this family. They actually ask for money from Landlord, but landlord give them a buffalo. Poor man (let’s name him as Adam), Adam don’t know why he ask for money and landlord gave them buffalo.


How you think? why Landlord give them buffalo instead of money?

In Adam’s mind – I don’t know why this person can’t understand a simple request for money. A buffalo for me is a burden, how to take care one more buffalo at this moment.

In Landlord’s intention – Buffalo can help their farming job, helps to move the soil, and started all the farming job.

*Continue to the Story*

Adam did some farming job with the buffalo help, but after few days, few weeks, there isn’t much farming production, all they get is just enough for their family to eat, they can’t produce more to sell. One day, Adam just think, why not I just kill the buffalo, and my family have meat for meal (They had been longtime never eat any meat as meal). So he did it, family enjoys weeks of good meals.

Months later, Landlord visit them with some crops seeds, he think is time for giving them these seeds, because the soil had been moved and work out with buffalo help, should be in great condition now. When he reach to Adam house, he did notice the present of the buffalo, and Adam just sit in front of his house do nothing. Landlord asked Adam why, and after listen to Adam’s explanation. Landlord just shake his head and left.

*Story Ended*

In Adam’s mind – Landlord do not have any intention to help my family.

In Landlord’s mind – Is that so hard to do a simple job (as farmer) persistently.


Moral of the Story.

1. Most of the time, Persistency in a simple repeating job helps in successful life/career/business
2. Most of the aids do not comes as CASH Donation. You need to work out for it. Remember when people help you, at that time, please do not turn yourself as beggar.
3. Communication Breakdown in between Landlord and Adam. Landlord should explain why he give a buffalo in the first place, and what is the NEXT action to do together.
4. Most important, DO NOT wait for HELP.

Hope you enjoys this story. Do tell me what you’d learned from this.

23 thoughts on “Why POOR people always STUCK in poverty, RICH people always stay RICH.

  1. Renae Teo

    Can’t agree more! Poor people will indeed be poor forever, rich will continue to stay rich. And the gap will widen day by day 🙁 But it’s always possible to get out from poverty no matter what circumstances one is in.

  2. Hanniz

    Interesting..I’ve read the book and it does make sense (though it was irritating how he kept repeating the same info over and over again in his other books and I just found out he’s quite a phony). Sometimes, people are stuck in the everyday routine and safety net that they don’t see the bigger picture.

  3. Pooja Kawatra

    Well! This is an interesting read and a mystery indeed bt we all know that some people are struck in whatever they have in the life, so many a times that itself becomes their world.

  4. Shivani

    It is really sad but at the end of the day , that is the reality that we have to accept 🙁 However depending on how we see things, always remember to think positive and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel :_

  5. Sharon Lee

    Its been a while reading your post! Interesting story, human are greedy and hope to get everything they want without doing any things. But in the real life is just does not happen that way.

  6. Leona

    coz when you are poor you have debts, and when you have debts you have to work more to just pay interest, you will never get rich, but rich can invest the richness to make more richness…haha. anyways, yea there’s always people that can break away from this, just need a change in attitude and life views.


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