You don’t know how to communicate with other without your Smart Device

Communication Break Down without smart phone
Taken from Facebook shared images

Communication, just a simple word, that means a lot different to different person.

What is your idea of “COMMUNICATION”?

In Old days, people to people communication through many methods, such like letter, phone call, sms or etc. Now a day, people have many ways to contact each others. The most popular is Whatsapp, Wechat and LINE. Just split second, that your message had delivered to the recipient.

When communication become High Tech, everyone tends to low down their head, facing to their smart device. We started to ignore people surrounding us, no more face to face communication between 2 person or group. Sometime, even training conduct through internet conference, where hundred of people sit in front of the computer, laptop or smart device to learn from the expert who stay thousand miles away.

2 ways communication become digitalise, replaced by words on the screen/display. Our finger tapping on the screen become our “mouth” representative. We need not to speak a words or sing a song or yell, we convey our emotion, message by tapping the keypad, touch screen, just tap “enter” or “send”, our “WORD” will shoot to anywhere we wanted to.

Sometime, the images above showing the life of modern people, while 2 people sitting in same space, they don’t talk to each other, they just Whatsapp chat with each other or Facebook messaging. Eg. One time, when I went to a restaurant, there a family of four sat beside my table. throughout the whole dinner, they’re so quiet, not because their are well ethic of dinning, is because they are busy with their device on hand. Parents and Children, zero communication, how this could be? Where is the joys and chit chat moment between them? Where the time children quarrelling about who should eat the drumstick or ice-cream? No, no more, all they need is the virtual world on the screen.

Let’s off our device, and go to enjoys our “Life”, the Real Life.

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22 thoughts on “You don’t know how to communicate with other without your Smart Device

    1. One time, four of us, we try to use our handphone whatsapp to communicate to each other in Papparich, quiet at our table, and we feel we’re away from each other far far away, even though we just sitting so near…

  1. There was once my kids kept playing with their phones during dinner while waiting for the food to arrive. I threatened to cancel order as they can “look” at dinner from the phones and “eat” from there . Never happened again !

  2. Sigh. The gadgets has become a medium for interpersonal communication. It happens to me too and I don’t really know how to express myself much without it now. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is indeed thought provoking

    1. The world evolve like this, at first we talks to each other face to face, then we use letter to communicate, then MiRC, then Email, then ICQ/AOL/MSN, after that we have SMS, then we have all kind of apps start from blackberry messenger BBM, then now whatsapp, LINE, WeChat and many more…

      Gadgets and internet makes the world nearer, yet our heart being apart a greater distance…

    1. I always allocate a time in a day, where I don’t look at any gadget, and just me and my little boy, to enjoys “Time” together…
      Life only live Once, don’t let our memories only have all kind of gadget and no real laughter…

  3. I don’t think anyone in the city will be able to put down gadget for even a minute. Once I remember sat in cafe and saw few tables with couples but both of them were busy staring down at each other phone or tablet with hand busy typing. Gosh! where got time to really feel the love like that?

  4. I think, like many things, people are the ones in fault here. The problem with technology is not that it controls people’s life; it is that it came at a time where people are too immatured to handle these powers. Using technology at the right time makes everything easier, but when abused, it’s just like a gun. It spoils relationships and disconnects people from life (oh, the irony). I feel quite strongly for this issue and I’m really glad that you chose to write about it. Thanks for the write up 😀

  5. For me I prefer sms or communicate without f2f!! Its depends on who I communicate if it was close friend or relatives I can always prefer to f2f chat with them la. But If like ppl that is just for work purpose I prefer sms or email with them haha!

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