10 things Mark don't post at Facebook

10 things that Mark Z don't post at Facebook
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Most of you, or everyone have a FACEBOOK account, or more. You would lie to share every single little moment with your friend, family and even friend’s friend. Broadcasting your life is daily duty.
Have you ever think of the danger of letting everyone know about your details? One of my friend, Mark talk with me on this topic and I wish to share it with you. Do not get me wrong, This Mark is not Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder. Haha…
There are 10 things Mark don’t post at Facebook.
1. Do not share your DOB, Date of Birth
DOB is one of the important information of yourself, beside Fullname and Address. If you die die want friend’s birthday wishes, please just disclose the DD/MM not together with the year.
2. Employment Detail
Do not reveal any detail of where you work, is dangerous to do so, as your employer might has social check on their employees, you might end up being fired, lost your job.
3. House address
Why you need to let everyone know about your home address? Do not check in your home location in any social media application. Save yourself and your family.
4. Financial status
No matter you’re rich or poor, keep it to yourself. If you’re poor, no one would like to know about it, but, if you’re rich, people will go after you. Why endanger yourself.
5. Check in every place you’d went
People loves todo “Check In” every time they step into a place, such as Cafe, Restaurant or Building. This will give lot of information to stalker or people who have bad intention towards you.
6. Children Photos and details
I knew you love your children very much and can’t wait to share their photo with everyone, everyday. That’s really sweet of you, yet you put your children in very dangerous stage. Their face or photo might be used in activities of different intention, most of them are bad (Eg. Harith Iskandar Case). Some even worst result if your children being target in Kidnap or other activity.
7. Do tell where/when you go for Holiday
This will open up a slot for the bad people to monitor where you go about, as they can plan to go after your property during that holiday period.
8. Do not share your problem shoutout
People love to hear positive news, they don’t bother about your bad issues. More over they might use it to attack you, manipulate you.
9. Do not show off your big purchase
To own a Luxury handbag, big house, luxury car or even jewellery, just keep to yourself. No need to check in “TOMEI” and photo of the jewel you’re bought.
10. Do not bad mouth other
Remember, Facebook is a public media place, as long as you have friend in your friend list, event though you setup lot of restriction, there still a tendency of information leaking. A print screen will just wipe you off, if you bad mouth your company in Facebook.
Happy Facebook-ing…

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