10 Ways to Fix Connection Error in Clubhouse App

10 Ways to Fix Connection Error in Clubhouse App

Clubhouse has become a very popular audio social network app which have multi-million user across the globe. Initially it is for iOS only, and since End May 2021 it is available for Android Users. It is a very useful app for people to connect anyone in the world and share their opinion in chatroom with others. However, recently user have complained that Clubhouse app have “Poor Connection, Try to find a stronger signal” issue timely. If you’re facing such issue, do not worry, here we will show you 10 quick methods to fix it for Clubhouse App on iOS and Android system.

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The most common issue with the Clubhouse app is the “Poor connection. Try to find a stronger signal” message when you join a chat room. Moreover, the audio stops working and you do not hear anything. Below are some quick troubleshooting steps to eliminate any connectivity issues in Clubhouse for Android and iOS.

1. Check Your Internet

First thing is to check your internet connectivity. Open fast.com or speedtest.net to check the connection speed. If the internet is too slow or unreliable, Clubhouse will have poor audio quality and may show poor connection alert.

2. Restart your Wifi Router.

If the internet is too slow or unreliable, Clubhouse will have poor audio quality and may show poor connection alert. You can try to restart your WiFi Router. This may helps sometime.

3. Restart your smartphone.

Restarting your smartphone, or iPad might helps the situation too.

4. Disable VPN

A VPN gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network for internet connectivity. However, it may occasionally lead to issues, especially when you’re connected to a congested server.

5. Change the DNS

Changing DNS has helped fix the poor connection issue in the Clubhouse app for a lot of people. It’s completely safe, and you can change your DNS servers to trusted providers like Google and Cloudflare.

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6. Allow Mobile Data

Both Android and iOS allow you to disable internet access for individual apps. So, check if you have accidentally disabled mobile data access for the Clubhouse app.

7. Log Out and Re-login

The other option is to log out and re-login in the Clubhouse app. This shall refresh your account data in the Clubhouse app, fixing any temporary glitches.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall Clubhouse App

If your Clubhouse app is still showing a “Poor connection” message, I’d suggest you uninstall and then reinstall the app. If available, install the latest version of the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

9. Check if Clubhouse is Down

If nothing’s wrong at your end, it could be Clubhouse going through maintenance or having server issues. So, check if it’s working fine for other people. You can check Clubhouse Twitter to see any updates.

10. Contact Clubhouse Support

If you’re unsure what’s causing issues or feel that there’s something wrong with your Clubhouse account, you can contact their support. Visit the support page and create a ticket to report the issue.

If you’re enjoying your Clubhouse App with the above methods, please be friendly to everyone in Clubhouse, do not try to bully other by your words.

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