2017 FACE OF MALAYSIA MODEL SEARCH – The Search of the Next Celebrity Supermodel Press Conference

2017 FACE OF MALAYSIA MODEL SEARCH - The Search of the Next Celebrity Supermodel Press Conference
Face of Malaysia Finalist Press Conference
Date: 27.April.2017
Time: 10am – 1pm
Venue: Kafe in
For the past two decades, there has been a face that has been synonymous with realising dreams, exuding grace and achieving success. A face Malaysians proudly call their own, their inspiration, their pride… their celebrity supermodel, Amber Chia. The time has come, to embark on a quest in search for the next face of Malaysia…
When Chia organised the Ford Supermodel of the World Model Search in 2009, her vision was to create a platform for the next generation of models to learn and gain exposure, locally and internationally. In 2010, she started Amber Chia Academy, which has graduated over 1,000 students to date. In 2011 she envisioned a new kind of model search in conjunction with the Korea Model Association to help propel young models to the global stage, the “Asia New Face Model Search”, which seeks models that not only have the potential to be the next fashion icon, but the next celebrity star. Today, this model search is simply known as the “Face Of Malaysia”.
In 2017, the Face of Malaysia model search aims to look for the next face of Malaysia that embodies not just the qualities to be a supermodel, but possesses the talent and passion to be in the entertainment spotlight as well. In today’s digital age, the contestants must also be able to kick up a storm on social media networks, as well as possessing the natural flair to own the centre of attraction at public events.
The live auditions took place on the 22nd of April with over 300 registrations. Our judges include Amber Chia, Raulen Lee (International Director of the Korea Model Association), Dr. Anjhula Mya Singh Bais (International Supermodel & Psychologist), CK Wai (Founder of Studio V4 Photography), Javson Lee (Creative Director of Studio V4) and Azuki (Fashion Stylist). 18 finalists (11 female & 7 male) were selected to take part in the grand finale which will be held at the Mega Star Arena in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday the 13th of May, 2017, from 7pm to 10pm. The grand finale gala dinner will serve 50 tables of the elite of the fashion and beauty industry, from professionals and clients to models and celebrities. Visit www.faceofm.com for more information.
2017 FACE OF MALAYSIA MODEL SEARCH - The Search of the Next Celebrity Supermodel Press Conference
he 18 finalists of 2017 Face Of Malaysia are:
1. Yong Choo Yee (Joey)
2. Giam Siow Ching (Jesiey)
3. Teh See Theng
4. Than Mei Ying (Michelle)
5. Sara Amelia Bernard
6. Liaw Mun Ee
7. Chooi Suet Ching (Caryn)
8. Sanjnasuri a/p Kishore Kumarsuri 9. Mindy Chan
10. Tan Jing Han
11. Lee Chia Yee
12. Tan Jian Zher (Jaywin)
13. Fong Jia Ce (Samuel)
14. Lim Peng Khuang (Peter)
15. Su Leh King
16. Goh Cheng Land (Jack)
17. Ooi Jin Hoon
18. Abdul Mutalib bin Abdul Mubin
2017 FOM | 2017 FACE OF MALAYSIA MODEL SEARCH - The Search of the Next Celebrity Supermodel
During the grand finale, 2 celebrity awards will also be given out to the top male and female celebrities of the year, namely, the Female Star Model of the Year and the Male Star Model of the Year, and they will also represent Malaysia to receive the Malaysia Star Models of the Year Award at the 2017 Asia Model Festival Awards in Seoul in June. Past winners of this award include names like Deborah Henry, Carmen Soo, Chris Tong, Eryna Salim, Wilson Tan, Ahya Rosli, KS Tan, Peter Davis and many more alike.
The 2017 Face of Malaysia is presented by Grandeur Joaillerie, jointly organised by Amber Chia & Plan 7 Production, and fully supported by the Korea Model Association and Oracle Medical Group. Sponsors include Mega Star Arena os the Official Venue, MVTV Asia as the Official TV Partner, Amber Chia Academy as the Official Modeling & Makeup Academy, Studio V4 as the Official Photographer, SayangHaeYo as the Digital Media Partner, Like Media as the Social Media Partner, Kafe In as the Official Cafe, Jungwon as the Official Restaurant, Makeover Paris as the Official Makeup Product, A Cut Above as the Official Hair Salon and Daeng Gi Meo Ri as the Official Shampoo.

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