5 ways to find out the right Sex Partner

5 ways to find out the right Sex Partner
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Let’s ask a simple question, how many of you still virgin?
In this century, is not like old day, SEX is not something that people will hide away. Let’s go straight to the point…

How to decide who is the right Sex Partner?

  • Do you like him/her?

First, and the utmost important reason is, Do you love him or her? This is first reason, and also can be the only reason. Unless it is a business deal, if not, there must be some magic in-between two individual, the love spark must be present.

  • Who do the approach?

Most of the time, boy will be the one who approach girl, so might be the order way round. If the person approach you first which means him/her interest on you is more visible/justified. But whether he/she is a good sex partner or not, still need more observation.

  • Do he/she have partner?

Some might find this is important, due to it is not fun at all to be third party in any relationship. This really need some research or observation, unless he/she is honest to you.

  • Are you ready?

Undress yourself for a stranger, or a person that you just knew not long ago need courage.
Are you ready?
Is your mind/body ready for it?
If you are unsure about the 3 points above, and you’re not ready, don’t go for it. It can wait.

  • He/she will brag after sex?

Been heard of many “sex experience” from friends, they show off their “headcount” of sex partner and the details of the relationship, even the sex part. Some might widely discuss it during coffee break, Some will gossip it during pillow talk session. To or not to discuss about personal experience fully depends on each individual preferences.
A partner that’s will brag or show off your relationship with them confirm not a good partner.  Everything between two person should be a TOP SECRET that should be keep safely, and not telling anyone, not even a words. If your partner really loves you, they won’t telling anyone about it, trust me.
Good partner will work their ever best to protect you, to protect every single details. There won’t be any information leaks, or even video or photo leak out.
Find a good partner is important, find a good sex partner is even more important. Get the wrong one, your life will be miserable forever.

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