A box of Secret, make your life more exciting with Care Latex

A box of Secret, make your life more exciting with Care Latex

A box of Secret, make your life more exciting with Care Latex. This little box can increase your heartbeat instantly, or stop it instantly. What is inside this little box? Eventually it is a box of condoms produce by Care Latex and 2 special dices. These little naughty dices does not simple come with numbers, it being designed with some action/instruction. For instance, you roll both of them and turns out, one show “tickle”, same time another show “5”, which means tickle your partner 5times. Fun isn’t it?


Maybe some of the people might avoid to talk about sex or condom, but it is important to everyone. Most importantly, when you’re not ready to form a family, you should know more about this little rubber. First of all, it can safe you from some disease if you have more than one partner. It is super important to people who are not ready for child. Therefore, get it ready or else you might get yourself in trouble of sickness or fatherhood.

Protection is the key value of condom, as most of the people think otherwise. Condom do not encourage sex, however, it want you to have a pleasure same sex, at the same time, it protected you and your partner. (again, condom do not encourage sex activity)


What if Star Wars, or Iron man need protection too? Obviously, everyone on earth needs protection, need to feel safe, wish to enjoys life to the fullness. Care Latex designed few different types to protect you, at the same time, enable you to enjoys it with different experience. The latest Care Nipis (thin) which only 0.04mm thickness, and that means it is thinner than a piece of paper.

In conclusion, do not avoid Condom, as it is not something shame to talk about, moreover it is a knowledge everyone should understand.

If you wish to know more about Care Condom, do check out their website:


(by meaning alifebe.com would not give you discount on any purchase, believe me, you should not ask for discount on life protection)

About Care

Some countries made different sizes and thickness because of the mixtures of materials. We give our best rubber. No nonsense. That’s how much we care.


Our single most important objective is to produce consistent quality products, safe and effective. The factory is equipped with a team of experienced and qualified process engineers and technologists to continuously upgrade the machinery, manufacturing processes and the latex formulation in order to achieve the quality objectives.

With a comprehensive Quality System like ISO9001 and constantly being audited internally and by third party certification bodies to ensure our products meet customers’ expectations and requirements.


Visual Checks
Dimension Control
Water Leak Test
Air Burst Volume and Pressure (Aged & Un-aged)
Tensile Test (Aged & Un-aged)
Lubricant Quantity Measurement
Colour fastness for coloured condoms.
Package Integrity Test


The main activity of our factory is to manufacture and export of natural rubber latex male condoms. It is equipped with modernized equipment . The variants of condoms produced are plain, textured, coloured and flavoured. Also, we produced latex probe covers, lubricating jelly, latex sheet, exercise band and dental dam for medical use.

The company markets the condoms in forms of naked untested, naked rolled, tested, foiled and fully packed.

Our export markets include non-profit organization tenders via Ministry of Health, World Bank and Social Marketing Programs. We have more than 100 commercial brands throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, North America, Asia, and South America.

Carefree sex is good sex.

Yes. We will take care of you. No matter which tunnel you are getting in for a joyride, connecting the hottest spot in town or widening the scope of passion with your magic wand, take us along and we will take care of you.We are your ultimate source of protection when you take on the wildest two-way tactical battle, a three-prong attack and four-way conquest.

Make it your way.

We make you stand with the highest honour. We stood by our quality and standard to ease your way to victory. Each of us were tested and able to provide you full sensation laced with fragrant textures when you are having a smashing time. We are regulated through ISO 9002 Quality System to meet the highest industrial standards.

Our standard is legit.

Not only that meet the worldwide quality standards, we exceed it. That is why we are here to beat the rest. We are tested to EN600, ISO 4074, WHO 2003, ASTM D3492-2003, NF Mark Specification and CCC Mark Specification prior to shipment to be by your side.

What you gonna say about it?