A living teacher that didn't kill himself 30years ago, Koji Ikematsu

A living teacher that didn't kill himself 30years ago, Koji Ikematsu
Image captured during the seminar.

Have you ever think of killing yourself?
When the speaker asked once he step onto the stage, everyone got shocked.
Koji kick start his talks in National Achievers 2015 Congress. A wow from the audience and quiet in next few second. Koji asked how many person in the room has the same thought as him. I’m surprise that there are more than 10 persons raise up their hand. Another wow in my heart.
Why would anyone wanna kill themself? We can never know because we’re not them. We don’t know their issues.
But as for Koji, he been thinking of killing himself few times in life. Why he has such thought?
A little bit about Koji Ikematsu, he is Japanese, no doubt. He growth up at Japan and he went out of Japan to try his luck. But life didn’t goes as per what he thinks. He’d being bullied at young age, he’d failed to start his own Karate Training Center at USA, he’d being betrayed by his business partner at Hong Kong which lead to multi million debt. At that point of life, he don’t see any light from his life. His life is finish, he won’t have any future with that amount of debt, he think about killing himself again.
Of course he didn’t do it. If not, I won’t meet him at NAC2015. When his worry about his debt, he in mid of thinking to commit suicide, he being brought to a seminar that changed his life. Where he put all the listened theory put into practice, he manage to payoff his debt in short period of time. And now he go place to place, seminar to seminar, gives talks, helps others, helps people who in struggling for life. That’s fantastic.
Let’s me see, “what if” he give up his life about 30years ago?
We always have this our mind, “what if”.
Let’s us learn more from Koji Ikematsu, and look back to your problem, what you had done to help yourself.

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