suitable for Homestay or short term rent business? suitable for Homestay or short term rent business?
Taken from Website is a famous platform for Hotel Booking. Most of us use to search for hotel, or even book thru it at least once or more. We always find the best rate in, they even gives us the “Best Price Guarantee”.
What is Best Price Guarantee? Detail can read from Here briefly I explain it. It means if you book for a room in a specific hotel for the specific date with the Price X, then you found that there is another website giving Price “X-Y” (cheaper). You can log a claim to, they will look into the case and take action. They might match the price or beat it (Depends on agoda final decision). is good, right? yet, it is workable for Homestay or short term renting?
Homestay is not a Hotel, it is not, and will never is. Same to short term renting. Homestay if listed in, first they will go through your properties details, such as “the space”, “location” and also the “ownership”. Some homestay is self own unit, and some is not. will go through it carefully and then proceed to pricing of it.
Look like very similar process with “A” website, right?
It is not. Remember, is the Hotel booking website, their client expect they’re booking hotel room. Most of them will never go through the unit detail or booking detail carefully, they book it, then when they’re doing check in, they might feel awkward, because they’re checking in a Homestay, instead of Hotel. client is not same as “A” website client, they might not want to book homestay when they landed on the agoda website.
Yes, no doubt, they get better rate compare to Hotel or boutique hotel rate, facilities of Homestay some time similar to Hotel except catering service. They should be happy to get lower rate and able to stay in a Hotel-like homestay room. Unfortunately, some might feel cheated when they come to know that the unit they’re checking in is actually not Hotel but Homestay, then complaint will arise.
Please be careful when you state the detail in, please clearly mention in the property detail, “HOMESTAY” clearly stated, double confirm during booking.
Homestay business is a trend in Asia and is growing fast in Malaysia. Just hope this post helps those who intended to start homestay business. All the best.

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