America Covid-19 Infection numbers surpass China

America Covid-19 Infection numbers surpass China
Maybe our Mother Earth is angry on us, human being that we continuously damage our environment. Start from December 2019, one of the new virus Covid-19 (Formerly known as coronavirus, wuhanvirus or 2019-nCoV) hit us badly. Seemingly Covid-19 hit China first (unsure which country being hit first), then it spreads to all over the world now.
America Covid-19 Infection numbers surpass China, the infection number for USA now is 85762 people, and death 1306 people. The cure rate is 2.19% (1868 person). This is a sign of seriousness of Covid-19. While Italy is 80589 people, and death 8215 people. The cure rate is 12.86% (10361 person).
Covid-19 outbreak start from China, later then whole world is suffering to this new virus. Now the America Covid-19 cases now surpass China, and soon Italy Covid-19 cases also will surpass China too.
Seeing people cheer over the news of America Covid-19 cases surpass over China, why? It is not a happy news to cheer about, can not understand those people mindset. Cheer over people unfortunate event? Please do not do that.
At this point of time, everyone in the world should hold hand together, help each other, support each other, lift up who ever fall down, who ever sick.
Please stop spreading negative energy, stop spreading fake news, start to help, to give supports, to give guide to others, start to encourage people.

What you gonna say about it?