Avoid Traffic jam due to Jalan Ampang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Perak and Jalan P. Ramlee to be closed for KL City Grand Prix Race

Avoid from Traffic jam due to few roads to be closed for KL City Grand Prix
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Yes, is KL City Grand Prix on 7 to 9 Aug, just around the corner. Few roads will be closed from Morning 6am until evening 6pm for inaugural KL City Grand Prix race. The Race flag off from KLCC Suria, then race through the mentioned roads and Checkered flag back at KLCC Suria. Estimated to have 100,000 crowds for this event, we expect more than that. By that mean, estimated around 10,000 vehicles park around KL City Center.
This event take place to promote Malaysia to everyone, especially crowd that fly to Malaysia from Oversea. As the Race will cover most of the Highlight roads of Kuala Lumpur City, indirectly we introduce our best part of KL to everyone. Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang are the roads where all the hotspot located. The track has 16 corners, 10 left turns and 6 right turns, which total covered about 3.25km. The speed of the race estimated around 200kph. Can we call this as Kuala Lumpur Drift? Can we make a movie at the same time which is better than Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift?
The ticket of the race started from RM50 to RM450. RM50 is premium walkabout, means I consider you can walk around and round, and you won’t have seat for you, but you’re free to walk around. For the Grandstand Ticket RM350 and RM450 entitle to the Post Race Concert. We can’t find any information of the post race concert, is a surprise to everyone then.
KL City Grand Prix estimated will draws more new visitor to Malaysia and based on PricewaterhouseCoopers independent evaluation, estimated will raise in jobs opportunities, raise millions of national income. This is something good to hear.
Think about it, Race in City Roads, that’s exciting. Finally Malaysia have it, and we should gives full support. Sametime, please looks at their website for the details of the road closure. You don’t want to trap in the jam for hours, right?
As a malaysian, I’m proud that we have such a big event, that everyone (All Malaysian) can enjoys together, same time we can softly tells everyone outside, Malaysia Boleh.

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