Bereaved Parents : Parent who have lost a child

Bereaved Parents : Parent who have lost a child
People always like to make comments on others’ misfortune, they have thousand of words to say when something happens on others. People thought they cares for people when they talk this and there to the tragic family.
You don’t know what they’re going thru all the time, during the tragic moments. Please be quiet if you got nothing better to talk about. Is easy to tell all kind of grandmother story to anyone, but is not easy when you’re the one who facing it.

Watch this video by Our Grandfather Story
Thanks to OGS for making this video, is a very tense and real conversation with bereaved parents. The journey going through when your children pass on is different to everyone, some really going through the darkness day of life, some treat it as a gift to be with the children when they’re alive.
It is not easy to face the news of our children have to pass on before us, as parent. Why they have to go away from us in such a young life?
I been going through my tough day when my eldest son being hospitalise since the day one of birth, and day in day out from/to hospital for the next 4months. I never forget the moment I sit in the ambulance with him where he is less than 24hours old in this world. I never forget the look he gave me right before he enter the operation theatre, he try to tell me, daddy be strong, I will be OK (He is just 24hours old sharp at that time). Now he is a healthy boy, and no one knew how tough time my wife and I had been gone through during that 4 months and the recovering time after that.
Life was not easy, it is definitely not easy to some particular group of people, and it can be very nasty to certain people too. No matter what life try to give us, we only can accept it.
Please do not say anything, any words, just be there, accompany them with quiet moment will be just enough.

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