Charity Dinner with Chef TK Dong at SuperStar Cruise Gemini

Charity Dinner with TK Dong at Super StarCruise Gemini with World Gourmet
Come & join World Gourmet’s meaningful and exciting Charity Dinner on Starcruise Gemini with Celebrity Chef TK Dong, on 25-28 April 2019, ex-Port Klang – Phuket – Langkawi – Port Klang. Call us today for more info. Can’t wait to hv a fun time together! ?????
** Only limited to 200pax for this exclusive charity dinner.
The cruise package price is same as the standard package (without charity dinner). It is very kind of ABC Holidays to contribute all profit to a few charitable bodies. World Gourmet fully support in this meaningful & transparent arrangement. Come join us to do our part & yet enjoy a great holiday with family & friends! Together we can make a difference.
Please remember to use Exclusive Promo Code: #WorldGourmet

About Celebrity TK Dong

2001年 KLCC(Shroom)法式餐厅与美式餐厅
2008年 马来西亚国际主题餐厅(Fullhouse)担任总厨
2011年 马来西亚,新加坡,香港,中国担任国际行政总厨(COO)
2015年 创立主题餐厅 I Am 80’s cafe (Founder)
2018年 功夫熊猫主题餐厅 CEO
Recently he just received the award from World Top Gourmet 2018, Top Outstanding Master Chef : Chef TK Dong

About SuperStar Cruise Gemini

Charity Dinner with Chef TK Dong at SuperStar Cruise Gemini
SuperStar Cruise Ship Fact:

  • Gross Tonnage : 50,764grt
  • Length : 230m/754.59ft
  • Width : 29m/95.14ft
  • Average Cruising Speed (knots) : 18kn
  • Maximum Cruising Speed (knots) : 20kn
  • Number of Stabilizers : 2
  • Bow & Stern Thrusters : 2
  • Full Satellite Navigation System : 2
  • Number of Cabins : 765
  • Passenger Capacity (based on lower berths) : 1,530

About World Gourmet

World Gourmet was established to serve as a platform to stimulate the economy by inciting growth of the food and beverage (F&B) sector as well as promote cross learning, networking, and economic opportunities for members within the 10 ASEAN countries, China, Taiwan, India, Korea, Japan and Australia.

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