Chef Dong Recommendation: Yu Yi Herbs 御醫藥鋪

Chinese herbs always the best remedy for health. It is always the easy to prepare, herbs soup always the best choice at home, as it can prepare for whole family.
Even though Chinese herbs is good, but is not easy to get good quality product as there are so many fake items in the market. Now Chef Dong recommend good brands to all the fans. Recently he recommend Yu Yi Herbs 御醫藥鋪 for you all at his Facebook LIVE. Chef Dong always recommend good product, food, raw material and snacks to everyone. Time to time, he will personal show the recipe and cooking skill in the Facebook Live.
Chef Dong Recommendation: Yu Yi Herbs 御醫藥鋪
Thanks to the recommendation we get to know Yu Yi Herbs and their products. Yu Yi Herbs founded by 3 young entrepreneur on 2017, with the mission, that is to bring TCM shopping to the mass market via online shopping platform.

Yu Yi Herbs 御醫藥鋪 few of the famous selection:

虫草花鸡汤 Cordyceps Flower Chicken Soup
补脑宁神汤 Brain Supplements Soup
润肺汤 Lungs Nourishing Soup
双花明目茶 Vision Improvement Tea
天然大蒜柠檬汁 Natural Garlic Lemon Juice
清热凉茶丸 Herbal Capsule
乾坤油 Kim Kun Oil
参耆安神茶 Soothing Tea
天仙子 Biji Rumput
补腰汤 Kidney Tonic Soup
补腰精 Polygonum Multiflorum, Eucommia Ulmoides & Cordyceps Liquid Plus
特级人参汤 Special Ginseng Soup
斗湖花燕窝 Dou Hu Flower Bird’s Nest
玫瑰调经茶 Women’s Health Tea
猴头菇 Hou Tou Gu

About Yu Yi Herbs

中国医术可以追溯至2500多年前,它的好处一直都是众所周知的。 但是,购买中药的过程可能造成不便,尤其是在患病期间或恢复期。 不方便出门或大都市的塞车问题也让购买中药材的过程更加烦躁。
也可到 了解更多关于中药的知识。
Established in 2017 by several visionary young entrepreneurs in their 20s with one mission, that is to bring TCM shopping to the mass market via online shopping platform.
TCM is well dated back to more than 2,500 years ago and it’s benefits are widely known. However, purchasing Chinese Medicinal Herbs can be a hassle especially one is still recovering from illness. Therefore, our company can help solve this hassle for you.
御醫藥鋪 allows you to shop for TCM at your convenience of anytime and anywhere without the need of you leaving your place of comfort. Shopping for our product will be hassle free and it will be delivered to your doorstep.
We guarantee that our prices will be very affordable by cutting the need of a physical store.
御醫藥鋪 means Imperial Doctor’s Medicine Hall. Our online store offers a wide range of products from Chinese Medicinal Herbs to Chinese Health Supplements with an affordable price.
We strike for improvement and bring convenience to our customers. At year 2019, Yu Yi Herbs extended product range to organic and health products which bring more convenience to our customers.
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