Chilla Cha from Malaysia Won the 《妈妈咪呀6》Champion

Chilla Cha from Malaysia Won the 《妈妈咪呀6》Champion

Chilla Cha, a ordinary wife for hubby and mommy for children with a beautiful voice which can sing very very well and won more than 50 singing contest. She also the Pageant Queen for Mrs Asia International All Nation 2017 and Mrs Malaysia Asia International 2017. She also a singing coach for many people, including Astro show.

She prove to many people that, as a mother, as a wife, a women can do more than staying at home, can still inspire many souls out there.

Full video at Here

If you followed the whole program from the ep1 until final ep14, you sure know all the contestant/participant were winner in their own field, and they’re all successful mommy in work, in life and at home.

A very good TV show to let everyone learn about the hardworkship of all mother in the world, and we should appreciate them, love them. Kudos… 

Little info about Chilla Cha – Official Facebook Page

*Singer *Actress *Model *Influencer *Brand Ambassador

Top 100 International Business Style Award 2018 (Vietnam)
Asean Beauty Queen 2018 (Singapore)
Most Popular Styleicon Award by BLIA Matrade
Mrs Asia International 2017

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