Covid-19: Is safe to go shopping in Malaysia now?

Covid-19: Is safe to go shopping in Malaysia now?
If you ask this question now, curious what make you think you urgently need todo shopping at this moment. When there are cases around Malaysia, around Kuala Lumpur city area, moreover mall being instructed to shut down, yet you wish todo shopping now.
You can go shopping mall if you have thing todo, thing to buy, please ensure all the safety precaution in place, wear your mask, bring along your own sanitiser and keep the social distancing. If you do not have important matter, just stay at home will do.
Remember, try to avoid bring your kids and elderly to the mall, do not forget, they’re the high risk group for Covid-19. Covid-19 do not kill you instantly yet you need to try your ever best to protect yourself, your family member.
Malaysia is not fully safe from Covid-19, it still a long way to go and we need co-operation from everyone in order to win the war.

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