Don't Balik Kampung now, Don't endanger your hometown people.

Malaysia Covid-19 Breaking News- Restricted Movement
People do not understand why everyone keep saying don’t go back your hometown now (Jangan Balik Kampung). If you really read the news of Covid-19 and understand it well, you will know the reason behind.
In Malaysia, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur together have 174cases of infected and it is the highest among other state in Malaysia. Government kick off Movement Control Order, Restricted Movement, to prevent the Covid-19 for further spreading. Social distancing is the most basic methods to avoid people to people contact which is the main Covid-19 infection cause.
Travel across the country might as well as bring the Covid-19 to travel along. Covid-19 just brings 2 death to our country, and 673 infected cases now, but Idiot-20 or Selfish-20 will kill more because it helps the spreading of the virus Covid-19.
Don't Balik Kampung now, Don't endanger your hometown people.
What is idiot-20 and selfish-20?
People rush to Bus Station and Train Station to get ticket to go back hometown on 17/Mar, most of them without wearing mask.
People rush to all supermarket to buy and stock up food and beverage on 16-17/Mar, most of them without wearing mask.
Both event above is against the first Movement Control Order direction “Mass Gathering”. These activities might or might not cause another wave of outbreak, got to wait and see. You worry about being infected, but you do not take any necessary precaution action, how to avoid further spreading? How to avoid yourself from being infected?
Please be GoodCitizen-20, Goodfamily-20 and GoodPeople-20, which helps to stop the Covid-19 for 2nd round damage. Thanks.
Even if you stay at home, you do online purchase for grocery and online learning too.
List of Online grocery shopping store
List of Online Learning Site

18–31 March nationwide Movement Control Order

  1. The general are prohibited to mass gather or attend massive events including religious, sports, social and cultural activities. All worshipping locations and business premises should be closed except for supermarkets, public markets, grocery stores and convenience stores that sells everyday necessities. For Muslims, all religious activities in mosques including Friday prayers are adjourned in line with decision made on 15 March 2020 by the Special Muzakarah Committee Meeting of the National Fatwa Council.
  2. Malaysians travelling abroad are required to undergo health check and self-quarantine for 14 days.
  3. Tourists and foreign visitors are restricted to enter the country.
  4. Closure of all kindergartens, government and private schools, including daily schools, boarding schools, international schools, tahfiz centres and other primary, secondary and pre-university institutions.
  5. Closure of all public and private higher education institution (IPTs) and skill training institutes.
  6. Closure of all government and private premises except for essential services (water, electricity, energy, telecommunications, postal, transportation, irrigation, oil, gas, fuel, lubricants, broadcasting, finance, banking, health, pharmacy, fire, prison, port, airport, safety, defence, cleaning, retail and food supply).

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