EatsMy 好想好想吃 Top 10 Food Delivery Restaurant, reader's choice

EatsMy 好想好想吃 Top 10 Food Delivery Restaurant, reader's choice
27 April 2020, day 41 of Movement Control Order, MCO (PKP), everyone try their ever best to stay at home, avoid going out. MCO (PKP) is the ONLY effective way to break the chain of transmission of the infection Covid-19. We need to solve a major issue if we continue to stay at home, we need to have solution or way to find food. This is the time where Food Delivery Service is so important. We have plenty of food delivery services in Malaysia, we did covered that topic in previous article.
Recently generate a report for past 30 days, which restaurant listed in their platform more favourable by their readers. Out of so many restaurant, they can not manage to list down all, and select the top 10 restaurants.
EatsMy 好想好想吃 Top 10 Food Delivery Restaurants:
1. FeiFei Crab Restaurant
Crab specialist, they serve great seafood cuisine, specially for cooking Crab Menu.
2. Celestial Dynasty Restaurant
A restaurant that brings great authentic oriental cuisine right to you during this MCO.
3. Beauty in the Pot
Now you do not need to queue for Beauty in the Pot, now you ordered, they send to you.
4. Paradise Dynasty Restaurant
When you enjoying the meal, you can actually make the xiao long bao by yourself, Good Food, Good Life.
5. Tony Roma’s Restaurant
Even in MCO, we can still enjoys Tony Roma’s at home.
6. Togather
Variety of fusion menu for you to pick from and order from their 4 outlets.
7. Shabu Lodge 10
Steamboat always a great dinner choice to share great time with family members.
8. Kungfu Restaurant Cyberjaya
For people who stay/work at Cyberjaya area, this is a good news for you.
9. Sup Sup Kepong
Steamboat for Kepong area, they’re very famous in youngster group.
10. The Muffin House
They serve fusion food menu and delicious dessert, cakes and coffee.
There are different variety of food in the list above, we can try them now, we have another 15days to order from them. Stay home can have healthy good food too. Please stay home, Stay safe, Malaysia Boleh.

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