Everyone is Digital Marketing Expert Guru during pandemic

Alan Lim, The Malaysia Commercial Photographer
During Covid-19 pandemic, where you can not operate your business like normal way, you need to think alternative way to change business model, to revive your business from sinking. Then you find there are so many advertisement around Facebook telling you that Digital Marketing can help you, and is your last choice in business too. Without Digital Marketing you will be doomed, or doom very soon.
But, how come Wantan Mee Stall can survive without Digital Marketing?
Do not be surprise that all “GURU” will teach you about how to make a successful Facebook and Google advertisement to attracts prospect effectively, while they are using the same methods to reach you and you do not feel interesting about their ads. Being told that some “GURU” will teach you to mortgage your property to purchase more new property to earn big, yes, they ask you to add on your debt in order to earn big. Some of the “GURU” will teach you todo Airbnb/Homestay to make “BIG” money, where you knew there are hotel closing down and homestay suffering for no tenant for past few months due to no tourist.
Everyone is Digital Marketing Expert Guru during pandemic, everyone keep telling you that going DIGITAL is a must right now. They keep telling you that your business not moving is good trend because your business is conventional methods, is not practical. You need to follow their class/courses to learn the knowhow on Digital Marketing, which can make your brands well known in society and market.
First, you need to spend money to follows their course after their FREE preview session, mostly cost you around RM3000 – 5000 per business/person. In the course, they will propose you to take up their “ONE YEAR” coaching session which normally cost you around RM20,000 to RM40,000. With all these, your business should be well managed and getting towards to fly high result. Is that true?
Another group of “Digital Marketing GURU” will show you all his achievement records in term of “How big crowd” in previous training/seminar, their “Malaysia Book of records” of highest viewer in online talk show. All these result/track records to make you feel more confident on joining their courses which they always show those past record which happened few years ago. Out of the thousand of student, they only manage to brings few (less than 5 person) to share their success testimonials, how about the rest of students? Nobody ask about that because everyone is brainwash by the data/result they’d shown on the slide or presentation which showing the million dollar earning in a very short period.
Anyone of you ever wonder, if they can earn million in few weeks or months, why they’re not listed in the Forbes TOP 50 riches or Malaysia TOP 50 riches?
Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Jack Ma teach you how they earn their fortune? Yes, they did talk about some of the tips in few interview session but they never collect any couching fees to couch any student all the time. WHY?
They do not have the luxury of time to teach, they spend most of the time to think of new strategy and project.
They do not need to earn from teaching other to become rich.
You’re not their way of earning.
No doubt that digital marketing is crucial and important when you need to reach out to more untouched market, but the real essential factor of business is still based on “Best Service” and “Best Product”.

What you gonna say about it?