Fight 2020 Save Malaysia Campaign! SME整合资源计划

Fight 2020 Save Malaysia Campaign!
We, ECOCafe has joined Fight 2020 Save Malaysia Campaign! What about you? 🔥🔥🔥
What is Fight 2020 Save Malaysia Campaign? A SME Integrated Resource Plan
You can get over 100 SMEs’ great value vouchers and help front-liners to purchase medical supplies now!
Fight 2020 Pass! – Your RM19.90 brings hope!
Just pay RM19.90 and the RM9.90 from it will be given to front-liners to purchase medical supplies 💊🩺 and the remaining RM10 will give you over 100 great value vouchers! 🎟🎟
For only Rm19. 90, you will get:
✅A Fight2020 APP Membership
✅Get over 100 SMEs’ Great Value Vouchers
⛔Most Importantly⛔
You can contribute in saving Malaysia
Click here to buy now:
You can contact me directly for any related information, 【ALAN】: 60196606863
This campaign is supported by Malaysian Retail Chain Association (MRCA) and all fundraising collections and activities for this campaign will be witnessed by Lee & Partners Advocates & Solicitors.

什么是 Fight2020 ?SME整合资源计划
那就是你可以获得商家精心准备超过100张的超值优惠同时也让你帮助最需要的前线防疫医护人员 !
你付的 RM19.90,将会获得超过100张的超值的优惠劵🎟🎟! 同时,我们也会把当中的 RM9.90 捐给现在最需要帮助的前线防疫医护人员💊🩺 !
只需付RM19.90, 您将获得:
✅一个专属于你的 Fight2020 APP Membership
任何相关资讯的查询都可以直接联系我, 【ALAN】: 60196606863
此活动得到Malaysian Retail Chain Association (MRCA)的支持。
一切募款数额与项目将由Lee & Partners Advocates & Solicitors 全程见证。

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