Forum on Extra Protections during Pandemic in Malaysia

Forum on Extra Protections during Pandemic in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: A forum on Extra Protection during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Malaysia was held on 15 April, 2021 at the Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Held to address extra measures the public can take to protect themselves , it was attended by People’s Progressive Party President Tan Sri Dr M Kayveas and Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan President Brig Jen Dato Mohd Arshad bin Mohd Raji.

During the session, an exciting new product, Medistick Plus, was introducted to participants of the forum.

Forum on Extra Protections during Pandemic in Malaysia with al media
(From Left) Brig Jen Dato Mohd Arshad bin Mohd Raji, Tan Sri Dr M Kayveas

“Medistick Plus is a disinfectant and deodorant device which is revolutionary. During trying times like this, when everyone is trying their best to stay safe, it is good to have a product that helps give us that added protection,” said Tan Sri Dr M Kayveas during the forum.

Brig Jen Dato Mohd Arshad bin Mohd Raji also stressed that he was representing the front-liners to by attending the event and welcomed efforts to introduce products that offered any added protection to the people, especially during the pandemic.

Dato’ Tan Yoke Hwa, a dietitian and former Director of Allied Health Sciences Division in Ministry of Health Malaysia, who also attended the event, gave an elaborative presentation on the subject of “Ensure health safety & conserve nutrients” while stressing on the usage of MediStick.

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(From Left) Prof. Dr. Maha Abdullah, Prof. Dr. Chong Pei Pei, Balvinder Kaur A/P Lactchman Singh

Providing her valuable insight on the subject, Prof. Dr. Maha Abdullah, a Microbiologist from University Putra Malaysia, shared interesting information on the subject of balancing microbes in the environment. She suggested improvements to be made in child-care and aged-care facilities to improve their emotional, social, and physical wellbeing while efforts were underway to develop an indoor microbial community/built environment.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Chong Pei, who is a Biochemist from University Taylors provided feedback on Medistick. “I did pass the Medistick to students in two incubators. One incubator was with Medistick, while the other was an incubator without Medistick at 35 degrees C. It turned out that results proved that Medistick actually works on killing bacteria surrounding us.

Ms. Balvinder Kaur, serving as a Pharmacist, laid out a detailed and impactful demonstration on the safety and harm from CLO2 and some guidelines by government. She concluded that Chlorine dioxide would be a powerful disinfectant as well as abroad oxidant and sanitising agent. It functions by disrupting cell membranes and protein synthesis. This makes it a vital product to be used in the fight against COVID-19.

Forum on Extra Protections during Pandemic in Malaysia with al media 00
(From Left) Soo Koh Hoe, Dato Tan Yoke Hwa

Mr. Soo Koh Hoe, CEO of Evo HealthCare Sdn. Bhd. which is appointed by Kukje Pharma Co. Ltd. (one of the Korean leading pharmaceutical manufacturer) also addressed the forum. This disinfectant and deodorant device can play a role in maximising protection during the pandemic. He said : “ With three items which are the mask, sanitiser, and Medistick, it will provide you the sufficient protection you need. The company has the MDA certificate provided by Medical Device Authority under Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) to import the product legally.

With COVID-19 numbers on the rise, the forum collectively called out to the public to take all precautionary measures needed in order to maximise protection against the pandemic. The forum concluded that while the recovery rate in Malaysia was quite high, new cases are going up.

“The onus is also on the people to do everything they can and focus on their individual responsibility to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further,” said Soo.

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About Guest Speaker

Tan Sri Dr. M. Kayveas

Tan Sri Dr. M. Kayveas is a Malaysian politician. He is also the President of the People’s Progressive Party and formerly a Special Advisor to the former Minister of Transport Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai. He was formerly a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Brig Jen Dato Mohd Arshad bin Mohd Raji

Joined the Malaysian Army in 1965, and upon being commissioned, served as an officer of the
Royal Malay Regiment. Served 33 years in the Army in various capacities; some notable appointments includes
Commanding Officer of an Infantry Battalion, Malaysian Contingent Commander for UN Peacekeeping in Cambodia, Brigade Commander, and finally Chief of Staff, Army Field HQ prior to retirement in 1998.

Dato’ Tan Yoke Hwa
Retired from Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Dato’ Tan Yoke Hwa is a dietitian with vast experience in healthcare settings and have an interest in helping people with issues on weight management, chronic diseases that are diet – related and help cope with demands / challenges to achieve healthy living.

She is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has graduated from London College of Clinical Hypnosis with Advance Practitioners Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She customise her hypnotherapy care delivery by using hypnotherapy techniques to help people with depression, anxiety, phobia, stress and trauma, etc.

Prof. Dr. Maha Abdullah

Prof. Dr. Maha Abdullah is a Microbiologist from University Putra Malaysia.

Prof. Dr. Chong Pei Pei

Prof. Dr. Chong Pei Pei is a Biochemist from University Taylors.

Ms. Balvinder Kaur

Ms. Balvinder Kaur A/P Lactchman Singh is a Pharmacist in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

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