Funny facts about Starbucks Malaysia Iftar Together Combo

Funny facts about Starbucks Malaysia Iftar Together ComboStarbucks Malaysia Launched the Iftar Together Combo On 12 May 2020 and this project will continue until 23rd May 2020, every day 6pm to 11pm (depends on outlet operating time, due to MCO)

Starbucks is trying to do their project so call #iftartogethercombo during 6pm-11pm from 12-23/may, but their barista telling their customer the cake finished at 6:08pm. This only shown how insincere in their project.

We advise people who go for this #iftartogethercombo can just forget about it or else you can try your luck on the day (someone feedback they can get it by 8pm plus), or unless you’re going there for other errands.

We supports Starbucks all the time and all the project they’d launched so far. But this project is really bad manage and unplanned. Hope you can be ready to do a good job on next upcoming project.

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