Give the Best Service, WIN the business WAR

Give the Best Service, WIN the business WAR
In this Covid-19 pandemic period, every business suffering very heavy hit, especially in term of incomes. Business that can not adapt this situation started to close down their business or some change the business direction or changed business.
Some of the business  started to have business model changes such like Online Marketing, Live Product Introduction, and Online Teaching Lesson. This is good and a must for business and is a must to maintain the business operation.
Beside all the action to help or maintain the business operation, business owner need to put focus onto the Customer Services. A great customer service always the fundamental factor for success business model. Customer do not only buy for the product itself, they buy for the whole package, including the sales service and after sale service.
Sadly that a lot of business owner do not know this fundamental theory, they do not pick up the responsible to provide good service. They brand their business very well in the social media, but in actual fact, they do not give good service at all. Customer only realise this when they hired their service, but is too late.
Please remind yourself – “Give the Best Service, WIN the business WAR”

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