GRANDÉ, Rising new cosmetics and skincare brand

GRANDÉ, Rising new cosmetics and skincare brand

Kuala Lumpur, 24th December 2020 – Come January 2020, rising new cosmetics and skincare brand GRANDÉ will be making its debut in the local skincare and cosmetics market, initially with the release of its Lip Enhancing range of products.

Manufactured, distributed and marketed by SKH Premier Sdn Bhd, GRANDÉ is positioned as a brand that is synonymous with gentle skincare products, that are enriched with nourishing and soothing botanical extracts, complemented with a vibrant range of colour cosmetics which brings out the best of glistening eyes, blushing cheeks and sensual lips.

“Our aim is to deliver the best of nature in cosmetics with natural ingredients of the the finest quality, at an affordable price.” explained Hannaritha Singa, Executive Director & Co-Founder of SKH Premier.

SKH Premier, a relatively young company was formed by Hannaritha and its Founder & Managing Director Dato’ Suresh Kumar as a result of their mutual interest in business and online shopping. Their company initially commenced operations as a distributor which has rapidly evolved into what has become a premier e-commerce venture.

GRANDÉ, Rising new cosmetics and skincare brand

“Realising that e-commerce had quickly become a necessity for retailer’s and B2B companies, we capitalised quickly, innovating while transforming our hard work into a smart concept, by converging on the power of technology to convert conventional marketing into a booming online business through our tactical new e-commerce site – GRANDÉ”, added Dato’ Suresh Kumar.

The word GRANDÉ, is inspired by the meaning of the word itself, which means impressive, magnificent, ostentatious and great!

GRANDÉ’s first products to be launched in Malaysia are its Lip Enhancer, Lip Maximizer (Lip Plumper) and Lip Scrub. There are two categories in the lip enhancement segment which are Lip Matte and Lip Maximizer.

GRANDÉ’s lip matte comes in eight amazing shades. These intimate and sexy shades were chosen and determined by the brand’s passionate founders, and range from true reds to nuanced nudes. The lip mattes are feather light, rich and intense with a single-stroke colour intensity that is formulated to be comfortable and kind on the lips. All of GRANDÉ’s colours are universally flattering, wearable and are uniformly easy to apply.
GRANDÉ’s Lip Maximizer is an innovative addition to any makeup bag. It instantly plumps the appearance of your lips and enhances your natural lip colour while smoothening and hydrating the lips. Its users can wear it solo, under or on top of GRANDÉ’s lip matte. GRANDÉ Lip Scrub does not only buff away dry skin with its gentle but effective ingredients but also deeply hydrates them with its next-level moisturizers. GRANDÉ’s Lip Scrub’s formula is crafted to be soft and gentle. Its Lip Scrub will help to create that soft, smooth, pillowy pouty lips everyone desires or dreams about. It will make your lips soft, moist and hydrated and with regular use will also reduce pigmentation. Most importantly, all of GRANDÉ’s products are free of parabens, phthalates, fragrance & harmful chemicals, and are vegan.

All of GRANDÉ’s cosmetic formulas are created from the finest of natural essential ingredients in France, specifically formulated to suit all skin types for individually primed, best results. GRANDÉ understands and respects the common concern among consumers with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders. Therefore, all of its products are created gluten free to keep all of their customer’s safe.

Apart from GRANDÉ’s cosmetics products, their range for the upcoming period, also includes skincare, body care, hair care and health supplements as GRANDÉ’s primary focus is on health and beauty. GRANDÉ is not only about solutions for external beauty but is also in the process of developing the appropriate supplements to enhance inner beauty and for the body to remain supple, active and healthy. A lot of wonderful things are on the way.
There is little doubt that GRANDÊ is aiming to be a premier cosmetics and skincare brand in the industry, and is primed to provide both quality services and products to an ever ready consumer market that appreciates quality and safety. With its current and expected range of products, the risng new brand is targeting to hit over RM 5 million in sales next year. It’s definitely going to be among the most talked about cosmetics and skincare brands of the year in 2021.

The new range of products will start shipping locally from 19th January 2020 through their very own website, as well as on both Shopee and Lazada platforms. Feel free to check out the brand’s Instagram and FB page for the latest information or exciting contests.

GRANDÉ, Rising new cosmetics and skincare brand

GRANDÉ’s pre-order promo, which commences on 24th December, 2020, will see it’s gift set going for a discounted pre-opening price of just RM129.90 (actual price – RM 229.40) with a “Buy 2 Free 1” bonus. The gift set will consists of four Lip Mattes, one Lip Maximizer and one Lip Scrub. With the “Buy 2 Free 1” promo which is valued at RM688.20 (for 3 sets), each set will only cost RM86.60. Please note that this promo is valid for the first 100 lucky customers only. GRANDÉ’ is offering this amazing promo to its valued and much loved customers, in conjunction with the company embarking on this wonderful journey.

This iresistible promo is only available while stock lasts, so don’t miss out on it.

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