How Photographer survive jobless during Pandemic Covid-19

How Photographer survive jobless during Pandemic Covid-19
If you’re a photographer, how is your plan to survive through this darkest moment in life? Do you have any solid plan on hand, to make sure you can draw enough for your family?
We always need to have back-up plan even before any crisis hit you. But, it is not too late to make one now. Let’s discuss about the methods and tactic to make a living.
Day 65 MCO/CMCO since 18th Mar 2020. During this MCO then CMCO, most of the business is either stopped or become slower compare to the condition before pandemic covid-19. Of course for those facing lost before pandemic Covid-19 outbreak, now is time for “Close Shop”, they most likely would not survive this financial impact.
After Malaysia Government declared CMCO, most of the sector can slowly start their operation based on the SOP. As we can see so many traffic jam photos flow around the social media platform, it showing lot of people start their new norm working life now.
But there is still a lot sector can not start their operation or works, Such like Beauty Saloon, Hair Saloon, and etc. Out of so many sector, the one who received the most impact is the Photography sector. Why?
Most of the photography related business is project based which always linked to Event, Wedding or crowded situation. When the Pandemic Covid-19 outbreak, Government stopped all events and advise Malaysian to postponed or cancelled the wedding event. This result to thousand of event cancellation and uncountable wedding either postponed or cancelled (most likely no wedding event from Mar2020 until Dec2020).
Above mentioned condition is a chain effect that make almost all Malaysian photographers sit a home jobless, income-less. One month, two month, and now is coming to the third month of NO JOB, NO INCOME. How photographer can survive through this tough time?
Some photographer had started to change their job to:
1. Food Delivery Service (Grabfood/Foodpanda or etc)
2. Grab Driver
3. Food Seller (either own stall or work for foodcourt)
4. Designer (start to pick up simple designing job, as if any)
Some of them start to sell off their gadget, their camera to exchange emergency money for their family. We can see all of sudden a lot of seller pop up in Facebook Marketplace or other platform. (who afford to buy now, as everyone need cash on hand)

Every crisis consist opportunities, this is always universal truth.

There are a lot of things that we can actually do during this time, during this 24.7 at home, well spend the time now will make your life easier later.

1. Become Vlog or Youtuber, or even Facebook Live

I’m not here to teach you how to be like those “GURU” to hold a class and teach people about all the theories which you can read from the books. I’m here to advise you to maximise your own expertise, such like videography skill, photography skill and photo/video editing skill. You can try to setup your own Youtube Channel or Facebook page todo online teaching, show people who todo some simple trick on their photos and video. Do you know Facebook and Youtube do pay to you if you full-filled their requirement.

2. Become Stock Photo, Stock Video Seller

Even though the Stock photo and video market is tough now, you won’t see the huge earning compare to few years back, but it is still the biggest pool of customer around the world who need images or picture in their design or projects. Try to make creative picture which suitable to client, which can sell. You need to think as client, what they wish to have, you produce for them. It is not simple, but workable.

3. Become home-based image editor/video editor

A huge demand for video editor and image editor around the world, design agency or PR/AP agency always out-source their image for editing in order to minimise the internal cost. You have the skill, why not to use it wisely.
4. Good timing for your OWN Branding
Now is the best time for you todo branding for your own business. Normal day, you’re too busy to work for client project, seldom have time to tell people what you had done all the while, what is your business scope. Now is the best time to tell people, to show people what you can do, and you’re doing it very well.
eg. Alphotos restructure their business website in Mar 2020, you can check their website –
There are many more possible way to make a living for ourselves and family. If you have any ideas, do drop it in comment, we love to hear from you.

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