How to be rich with own Durian Orchard

How to be rich with own Durian Orchard

Durian is one of the local fruit in Malaysia, and it being called as King of Fruit, as it has spike all around the fruit outer and it’s smell and taste. There are many type and grade of Durian, such like Kampung Durian, D24, Musang King and etc…

Throughout all the years, Durian fruit pricing always consider kinda high compare to other local tropicana fruit, for instant, Kampung Durian (Most common type of durian) is about RM3-RM10/kg, Musang King Durian will be around RM50-RM150/kg. Imagine 1 durian fruit normally around 1kg to 2kg, that’s really a pricy fruit.

eg 1,
2 pcs Musang King Durian, 2kg each, RM70/kg
2 x 2kg = 4kg
4kg x RM70 = RM280

Wow, RM280 for 2 pcs of durian, that’s real King of Fruit. Even though it seem like kinda costly, yet can see lot of people queueing to buy it, and sometime the supply of durian is not enough for the market demands.

Have you ever think or consider to own a durian orchard and kick start your own Durian Empire?

Yes, of course you have such thought all the time, but you do not proceed with this idea mainly due to…
– To own a Durian Orchard, you need to have a piece of land
– To own a Durian Orchard, you need to have a lot of money
– To own a Durian Orchard, you need to have knowhow for plantation
– To own a Durian Orchard, you need to know how to, where to sell it

With all above reason, that the main pull back for everyone who wish to start their Durian Orchard. We know that can make a lot of money, but due to all above reason, we dare not to start it. So sad…

But there is a good news for you, there is a company that can solve all your problem, at the same time, you can have a comprehensive 15years planning. Within 15 years you can involve in Durian Orchard Plantation which can have 23%pa to 33%pa in return. Their company have a team of experience members in farming and cultivation techniques.

Their 4 main service:
– Orchard Partnership
– Contract Farming
– Contracted Sales
– Profit Sharing

Their Company Strength:
– Professional Cultivation Technology
– Professional Production Lin
– Global Sales Channel
– Legal Protection
– High Return
– Mobile App

If you wish to know more about the company, or the Durian Orchard Co-Development Project, you can contact them.

Contact to know more about Durian Orchard Co-Development Project.

AST DURIAN·CO-DEVELOPMENT orchard partnership project runs by a team of professional members with many years of experience in farming and cultivation techniques. We see great sales potential of Malaysian durians, especially Musang King in the overseas markets, therefore, we decided to start an orchard partnership program to create a one-stop service platform for you.

We own a 2,000-acre land located in Rompin, Malaysia for the durian business. This includes a durian orchard and facilities producing durian derived products, export and trade supply. Therefore, we want to offer you the resources and services we have to create and develop an orchard partnership plan with us.

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