How to become TOP SUPER Host at Airbnb Homestay Service?

How to become TOP SUPER Host at Airbnb Homestay Service?
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Have you ever stay in any Homestay in any country or in within Malaysia? I did done my backpacking at UK, travelled to Scotland – Edinburgh, Perth, Isle of Skye, Helmsdale, then to south, London, Winchester and Warwick. Dormitory type of accommodation is our favourite due to minimum budget we’d got. Now a day, it is much more easier with I really wish that there is Airbnb during my backpacking time, but it founded 5 years later, 2008.
At first, you need to become a Host in Airbnb. You need to own a house, condominium or apartment, list it on Airbnb, which means you rent it out to Airbnb Network client. This enable you to earn money, same time brings visitor to your country, get know your culture and neighbourhood. There isn’t any listing cost when you put up your advertisement at Airbnb. Airbnb will only charge you a very very minimum % upon confirmed booking. That’s not a big deal at all.
Let’s say you have a home-stay listed at Airbnb. You start to received inquiries or booking from people all over the world who intended to stay at your country, at your town. Then you will pick up the booking and then wait for your client to check in on specific selected date, then you get paid thru Airbnb. And the process repeated for every booking. How to become SUPER Host?
Time to gives you tips to become SUPER Host in Airbnb.
1. Be Professional Host, gives profession service.
2. Maintain the Hygiene of the Home-stay, make sure everything in good condition.
3. Attended to every client request as soon as possible, Time is Money, same to you, same to customer.
4. Establish a systematic way of guiding customer to reach your location.
5. Communicate with customer, listen to their request and discuss with them.
6. Prepare a Do and Don’t list for them, as most of them is first time visitor, avoid them from create mis-understanding with neighbourhood.
Practice these 6 simple GOOD HOST Practice, you most likely get positive review from the customer. I do believe, a satisfied customer voice better than word/picture advertisement.
Happy Hosting…

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