How to close big deal in Insurance

Few steps to drive Ferrari

There are more than 100 thousands of Insurance agent in Malaysia, some active some not active, or either ways. They all work hard to serve you, to explain a proper insurance solution for you. But, how to earn big in insurance business?

Some rumours said, some insurance agent might commit some hanky-panky activities in order to seal a deal. Do not believe to those rumours, there might be true, might be not true, no matter is true or not, we do not let a rotten apple destroy the whole industry.

How to close big deal in Insurance without committing all kinds of hanky-panky activities?

  1. Be Professional
  2. Be Knowledgeable
  3. Be Honest
  4. Be responsible

Client wish to have a insurance agent who service them have 4 keys aspect above mentioned. As a insurance agent, you should give professional service to client, give all relevant information to them, design a suitable package for them which give them the most benefit. By doing this, more client will stick to you, and intro more new referral to you.

Is not an easy way to be successful insurance agent, but it is not hard to be one too.

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