How to destroy a person in few simple steps

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How to destroy a person in few simple steps. Frankly speaking is how to make a person stay away from you, and stay negative and devastated. You do not have the intention todo so, sometime what you said, you did, might just drive them crazy.
Ask yourself, have you destroy anyone?
Minor damage – Verbally joke about their appearance, their profession, and their life. Some people might just remove you as friend, but most of the people will take it lightly.
Medium damage – Words or message bully, or talk bad on someone in a group where he/she is in the small chat group. This is kinda direct damage to someone, and this is almost declare war against them.
High damage – Try to be friend with their enemy, and let them know you will work with the enemy and hope they can join the project.
Extreme damage – When you praise another person with same profession and quality/service is much worst compare to them. This is similar to tell a person, you’re good, but you’re similar to the worst.
There is no right or wrong step to destroy a person, or devastated him/her. As long as the person do not feel being appreciated or been take for granted, they will leave you soon or later, sometime, immediately. You should knew your friend’s pain point, and you purposely goto touch it, you’re deserve for all the following circumstance.
Please do not blame the person, because they only react to how they being treated.

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