How to get RM460 Burger in Malaysia, some say in the World

How to order RM460 Burger in Malaysia, some say in the World
How to get RM460 Burger in Malaysia, some say in the World?
A viral news being discussed in many social pages, about a burger that cost RM460 and it can be RM460 x 2 too. Crazy right, a burger that cost so much, where you can actually get ordinary Ramly burger in front of 7-11 store for more than 100 burgers by money RM460.
We do not wish to talk about the news in details at here, as you can find the news, printscreen everywhere in Facebook.
There are few lesson learn in this matter.
First, when joining a birthday celebration party, of course the bill will split evenly with all guest. In some event, the birthday boy or girl do not need to pay, the guest will pay for her (they will split the bill without birthday person).
Second, when joining a birthday celebration party which do not need to split bill, that’s because the birthday boy/girl has food the bill. All the guest will come with a present or birthday gift for the birthday person.
Third, when joining a birthday party where 95% of guest is stranger to you, and you need to bare the bill evenly with other, yet you order very less compare to the rest. Don’t complaint, you need to ask yourself, why you’re sitting there at the first place?
In the world, there are many RM1000 burger or RM1000 Nasi Lemak, is all because it comes with a purpose. Ask yourself, why you join the Celebration where you do not know everyone? When you accept such strange invitation, you already opt yourself for all the subsequences. There isn’t any FREE LUNCH in this world, if you agree with this statement, you should accept RM460 burger.

What you gonna say about it?