How to Make Money during Covid-19 Pandemic

How to Make Money Online
How to Make Money during Covid-19 Pandemic? When everyone being constraint of movement, when we have zero oversea tourist, how possible we can make money in such situation?
A lot of Guru will tell you that you need to Build up Your Branding to Make Money, is that true? There is no right or wrong, is just matter of your branding suitable during pandemic period or not.
You can MAKE MONEY during Pandemic, and you can make a lot of money. All you need to do is follows these few steps. You can make money in the happiest way, if you know the right way.
A lot of business sector being affected by pandemic badly, worst case is they forced to close down their business. Even though the situation is bad, there are sector is rising during pandemic, the most significant sector are medical sector, and online business.
Every pandemic period is another round of Business Shuffle, it changed the whole modus operandi. Pandemic do not kill us, do not kill all business, in fact it just change the pattern of business.

1. Define the Opportunity

You need to Define your business model at first, then Find the correct niche to invest your time, your efforts. You need to identify the right sector to start or to invest, there are still hell lot of sector not affected by pandemic.

2. Measure the Opportunity

You need to know how much you gonna gains from the opportunity, and the risk of this opportunity. At least to do a quick check on it.

3. Analyse the Opportunity

Even though the opportunity is the BEST choice of the time, it can go wrong too. You need to analyse it, in different perspective. You need to verify the pro and con of the opportunity.

4. Improve the Opportunity

If you found any trouble in the opportunity, you need to find a way or methods to improve it.

5. Control the Opportunity

Once everything is ready, everything is on track then you need to control it, make sure it carry out as planned.
You need to master the Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve and Control, and apply them into your business, in order to make the right decision. All the best.

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