How to make money, how to build up Personal Branding?

How to make easy money?

How to make easy money?

There are so many kinds of work, profession, and business, which one have the Blue Ocean to swim? Which one is the niche at current stage? The wise mind will know which one is the best to work for, to invest into.
We had discuss about the step one for how to make money easily, you can read it. How to identify how to make money? We also cover the topic how to define and makesure you do the right business at Define Your Business Model. And we had discuss about how to work happy to earn more money too.
Now we need to know the very important element in business at this moment, how to build up Personal Branding?
Personal Branding always a hot topic discuss over and over again in different medium, different article or even being discuss during forum or seminars.

What is Personal Branding? Why it is so important now a day?

I been discussing about Business Branding and Product Branding in few articles, you may read – How do I survive in Product Branding Marketing?  which I had covered Branding Positioning, Target Right Market and Persistency.
Now we look into Personal Branding together.


When you met someone in any occasion/event, what is the first thing you do? You will hand over your namecard to the person, you will do a quick 10seconds self introduction. Have you ever notice what you had said in this 10seconds?
“Hi, I’m Alan Lim, Founder/CEO for AL Media Production. We are doing media services for Corporate and Government. Nice to Meet you.”
Yes, you introduce yourself before your own company. You are important, people should know who are you before knowing your company. Even Bill Gates would not introduce himself as I’m Founder of Microsoft, my name is Bill Gates.


Ya, now we know who are you, what is your name. In the continue conversation will be touching on what is your strength, what you do in the company. Everyone love to listen to people success story, because that story always very interesting and motivating.
Tell people what you had achieved all these years, and a story that you can win over their attention, which always leads to a good result (business deals).


You do not start a business for 24hours, or for a years. You definitely have a comprehensive business plan and projects on the pipeline which you are constantly looking for talents to do the jobs.
Your listener taking the main points while you are explaining the plan. They might be investor or the talent that you are looking for. Do not feel shy to tell your future plan to people (not asking you to tell every details of the plan, just a brief one will do).
How to repeat all 3 above every time meeting new friends, and new business partners, kinda tiring to keep repeat and repeat it. But, we tells you all these 3 is important elements in Personal Branding, how to do it without repeat it every time?
That the main thing I would like to discuss today, in this article. I found out that most of the GREAT Entrepreneur do not have a Personal Page (Not facebook page), a website will they own details (is sort of Resume or CV). Of course they are people choose Linkedin over personal website as it is much more easier.
I choose Personal Webpage – (same time I have a Linkedin too), Personal Webpage is a page that you introduce yourself to anyone, everyone in this world, who come across the keywords search. You may not know the person, but they person can know you are the one, you are the business partner they want to arrange meeting. Is that wonderful?
Why not Facebook page? Your Facebook page do not works in China as they do not have Facebook access (excluded those use VPN for Facebook).
We would like to convey a message is, in the digital generation, if I can’t find you in “GOOGLE SEARCH”, how to I know you’re REAL?

What you gonna say about it?