How to make money with your talent?

In America, there is a show name “America’s Got Talent”, and in China there are tonnes of similar show for people to show their talent, to shine. Some winner really make a big name in the market and some are not. These kind of platform mainly to discover the talent within their country, and those talent can be a valuable asset to them, to make money for them.
How to make money with your TALENT? 
You always claim that you have talent and your talent is not appreciated by many people, thus they do not willing to pay/hire you. Have you ever think why?
There is ONLY two reason why you can’t make money with your talent,
Attitude – Attitude determine everything, determine how far you will go.
Laziness – Even you have Godlike Talent, if you’re lazy, you’re nothing.
Even you have a good attitude and hard working, you still need to learn how to market your talent to other. Opportunity do not come to you like that, sometime you need to show it, prove it.
This video showing a homeless man who perform a outstanding piano performance in a random location. He has the talent, he is good with it, he might just need an opportunity then he can earn a living, earn a name.

If you have a Talent, please practising it hard, once the opportunity arrived at the doorstep, you will fly…

What you gonna say about it?