How to survive through Pandemic Covid-19

How to survive through Covid-19 Pandemic

Pandemic Covid-19 hit the world since Dec 2019 until now, it still torturing earth people and killed some people timely. We have total 44 millions confirmed and more than 1.17 miliion people died until now. Is a very serious issue, where all these data collected within 11 months. Everyone is fighting against the pandemic, we would like to find the vaccine, a cure for Covid-19. Beside finding vaccine and cure for it, people need to find a way to survive through the pandemic with financial sound.

Imagine, since Dec 2019 till now, 12 months of business interruption, everyone, every business is suffering on the business turnover. There are many business closing down or down sizing during these period, and many people lost their jobs, lost their only household income. How we gonna to survive through Covid-19 Pandemic with all the financial problem?

Here is some suggestion for anyone who closed their business, who lost their job and income. There are many ways to find income, opportunities is always around us.

1. Get a Temporary job, Part time job
Do not sit and wait for money to fall from the sky. Get a part time job, such as food delivery service, or e-hailing driver. You can register yourself with Grabfood, FoodPanda, Hungry, Grab driver, and Lalamove driver. The service do not required you to have professional qualification, you can enrol yourself anytime with them.

2. Home-cooking and Self Food Delivery
If you good in cooking, you can actually do some home-cook for your neighbourhood. Because everyone avoid to go out, dine out, you can help them and sell them your home-cooked food.

3. Adapt to new norm, new lifestyle
Try to minimise expenses as much as you can, try to stay low profile, as resources and cash flow might be tight. You can’t maintain the same lifestyle as before pandemic.

4. Stay calm, Stay Cool, Stay Home and Stay Safe
You can not solve and cure the pandemic if you are running around and around. You only need to stay firm, stay away from all crowded place. You got to know, if you’re infected, you’re sick, the more money you gonna spend on it.

We got no choice to change our lifestyle, as everything is different now. We can not avoid it, so we adapt it, we accept it as it was.

Hope everyone can survive through this pandemic and wish you good luck.

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