Pemohonan i-SINAR KWSP ONLINE PENGELUARAN KWSP AKAUN 1 bermula Disember 2020

Online applications beginning 21 December 2020

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 December 2020: The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announces the criteria and details of the i-Sinar facility, which is now open to up to 8 million eligible members.

The eligibility criteria is as follows:

Category 1
Eligible members include workers in the formal sector, self-employed workers and workers in the gig economy, those who have not contributed to the EPF for a period of time, have lost their jobs, housewives, or given no pay leave.

The criteria for Category 1 is as follows:

1. Members who have not contributed to the EPF for at least two (2) consecutive months on application; OR

2. Members who are still working but have suffered a reduction of their base salary by 30% and above from March 2020 onwards.

For this category:
Supporting documents are not required;
Approval is automatic based on EPF’s internal data;
Members will only need to apply online via isinar.kwsp.gov.my beginning 21 December 2020.
Payment for eligible members under this category will be done from the middle of January 2021.

Category 2
This category includes members whose total income has been reduced by 30% and above (total income including base salary and other benefits such as allowances and overtime) from 1 March 2020 onwards, whereby the said reduction can only be verified with supporting documents.

To expedite the verification process, the EPF will require supporting documents from members as stated below:
Salary slip before and after reduction of income; and
Employer’s notice of suspension or reduction of allowances and/or overtime claims.

For members who are not able to provide the supporting documents as mentioned above, other relevant supporting documents such as bank statement or employer’s written acknowledgement will be given due consideration.

Members who fall under this category can start applying online via isinar.kwsp.gov.my beginning 11 January 2021.

To ensure due consideration is given for applications, member’s application status will be notified to members within two to three weeks after their application is submitted. Payment will be done before the end of the following month, after the application is approved.

i-Sinar eligible amount
The eligible amount for i-Sinar is subject to the member’s Account 1 balance, based on the latest details below:

a. For those with RM100,000 and below in Account 1, they can withdraw any amount up to RM10,000. Payments will be staggered over a maximum period of six (6) months with the first payment of up to RM5,000.

b. For those who have above RM100,000 in Account 1, they can withdraw a maximum 10% of their Account 1 savings, up to RM60,000 (whichever is lower). Payments will be staggered over a maximum period of six (6) months with the first payment of up to RM10,000.

To illustrate:


o ensure the application process is smooth, members are advised to register for i-Akaun, update their mobile number to receive the Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) at EPF kiosk or counter, as well as ensure that their bank account number is active.

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