It's my life, let it be

“It’s my life, let it be.”
We always listen this statement, some comes together with “none of your business!“. Yes, of course we don’t give a damn on your life, not at all. We only give advice when needed, as friend, as sibling, as spouse or even as stranger.
Life is a cycle, an invisible cycle which we don’t see it, and we won’t see it. It keep on repeat and repeat, with the different name, different identity, again and again on earth.
In a life, we started as a baby born into this world, then we grow up and move on to all stage of life, we learn, we try, we experience, we touch, we taste, we scare, we happy, we strong, we weak, we love, we loved, we hate, we care, we young, we old and at the end we died. That’s the cycle of life.
In some teaching, life is a cycle, life will reborn into this world again in another total new life. This process will be forever and ever. That’s why we should not insist on anything, anything at all. Let’s it be, just enjoys the time in life, everything you have, you owned, is a temporary loan from the earth. Anyone you cares, you loves, they are person who passby you in life, this life. They all appears in your life for a reason (some said because you owe them in previous life). Some people spent few minutes in your life, some share half of your life with you, some live in your memories forever yet you didn’t manage to share anytime together.
Please treasure the most in your once and only lifetime on earth, as other life is no related to this life. Please do what you think right todo, love who you think right to love, do not have any regret, please, not at all.
Life is just a simple cycle. Born, Live, Died.
It's my life, let it be, Life is a cycle It's my life, let it be, Life is a cycle It's my life, let it be, Life is a cycle It's my life, let it be, Life is a cycle

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