Latest update for China Wuhan Virus, CoronaVirus Condition, update on 13:00pm 30th Jan

Latest update for China CoronaVirus Condition, update on 13:00pm 30th Jan
Latest update for China CoronaVirus Condition when the Death Toll rising to 170 people, and the infected number raise to 7742 person. If you notice the suspected number is huge increase, jump to 12167 person now. We believe the number will keep increase if the cure haven’t successfully developed. Anyway, there are increase person being recovered from the virus.
When the infected number rise to 7742 person now, is getting serious now.
The infected patient number keep rising and the death toll also rising. There are some patient cure from the virus too, the number also increased to 129 person, that’s good news.
Temporary Malaysia Bans the Visa for Wuhan and Hubei Tourist to enter Malaysia. More news at Coronavirus travel ban: Malaysia stops visas for Chinese travellers from affected areas
At the moment, advise everyone to stay away from outside, stay at home is the best choice now. Please make sure the food supplies is enough for a week (hopefully all these end in weeks). Do not in person contact with anyone, because we’re not sure who is infected now. As the infected only show symptom within 14days.
Let’s have a brief look on the history of all unknown Virus, we called them CoronaVirus.
Latest update for China Condition and CoronaVirus History
Medical Expert claims that this 2019-nCoV is not the upgrade version of SARS-CoV which killed 10% population of infected. This 2019-nCoV is a brand new kind of virus, and medical labs still working on to seek the cure for it. It is similar to SARS-CoV but it isn’t related to SARS-CoV.
Please take precaution action at home or at outside.

  1. Always make sure your hands are clean and dry
  2. Use Sanitiser to make sure hand is away from bacterial and virus.
  3. When sneeze or cough, please use Tissue to close the mouth and nose, and throw away the tissue after use.

Avoid to:

  1. Don’t goto crowded place and location. Please wear mask
  2. Do not goto Hospital, Please wear mask and keep washing hand
  3. Do not touch any wild animal or eat them.
  4. Please make sure all the food and water is cooked included Milk, Eggs or Meats.

If you are not feeling well, faster goto seek doctor advise.

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