Learn how to make money, do not waste time to talk about Pisang Goreng

Learn how to make money, do not waste time to talk about Pisang Goreng
People always wish to learn a way that can earn money as soon as possible, as fast as they can. they will search around to find a way to reach the target “being rich”. Sadly, while they working on their way, they love to read about gossip and rumours. They wish to believe that those rumours and gossip is true, where they can duplicate it, repeat it to become as rich as per rumours.
Few years ago, people believe that save money since children can buy huge diamond ring. And now people talking about selling fried banana “Pisang Goreng” can create wealth. I’m not sure what is the next gossip, rumours and news about some ways to earn big. I think we can earn big money by selling burger or selling Chicken Rice like “Diamond Chicken Rice”.
How to become rich is not easy as one, two, three…
We need more effort than ever, we need to work extraordinary, we need to go extra miles, to achieve our goals, our target. Everyone have their own way of doing thing, have their own path to wealth, maybe you won’t believe that, but not every methods suit to everyone.
Some people start their business empire but selling first used car, now they are one of the renowned brands dealer. Some people start their construction business empire by riding motorcycle and carry all equipments by hand. Some people start their education empire by doing tuition class for student.
Every success story have their own unique methods. And there also lot of business failure start by silly steps too.
Stop to listen to all rumours, every people have their own issues, own methods, own problem. You are not them, you do not know about their problem, the actual case, do not make any assumption, do not spread rumours.
As I always said ” Do not count on neighbour wealth, that’s none of your business..”

What you gonna say about it?