Life: How to become a MEDIA in few steps

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In the era of self-media, everyone can be a media. Everyone call themselves as media just because they started to write some words on the website, social media, or twitter. How to become a media in the proper way?
Is not easy to become media now a day, it need some efforts which is extra ordinary from main stream media or professional media. I been observing the industry and found there are few steps which can speed up, boost your media business.
Let’s see how you can become a media as simple as 1, 2, 3…

1. Famous in Social Network

The first step, you need to be famous among social network group, famous in all event, famous among all the rich, famous for chatting and joking. Just be the sweetheart in the big crowd, chat, talk, laugh and talk about all kind of nonsense which can make people like talking with you. You will be more and more famous.

2. Take a lot of photo

You must at less have camera phone, or a normal compact camera. Please capture a lot , a lot of photos of “anyone” who stand in front of your camera, just capture do not think too much. After the event, add your watermarks and upload all the photos to the facebook account, and tag everyone, anyone who appears in your photo (no matter you know them or not). Everyone, anyone will see the photos, and they will treat you as media as you had put your watermarks on all photos.
Everyone, anyone loves to have their photo taken by anyone (stranger) regardless photo’s quantity. As long as you give them their photo, you’re MEDIA.

3. Capture the photo is different unique methods

A beautiful photo do not attract attention, but a Out of Focus is more useful. An overexpose photo tell more story for a picture, as you hardly can see anyone or anything in the photo, and that’s is special, so special which no photographer can produce it.
Trust me, if you can produce a photo as “blur” as you can, you will definitely a famous MEDIA.

4.  Brag about something people do not understand

Try to speak in Media Jargon, Media workflow, and talk about like you had been done the Oscar Awards Media Coverage, people will amaze you, they will trust every single words you’d said, as they accepted you make them feel “High Class” and more “knowledgeable”.

5. Dress up, Style up

As a media, you need to dress up and style up to attend all event, you need to present the best look of yourself in front of all people and cameras. Another way to attract the crowds, you can dress up in very unique way, as cosplay, as monster, as women or as an alien. Everyone, anyone will love to take photo with you.
Remember, as long as you’re 100% confident with yourself, you are on the right path to be a “Media”.

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