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How to capture a good photograph? How to capture the moment, the split second of eternity? It seem like a complicated question with might need a thousand brilliant minds to answer it. But how?
Is that so difficult to capture or produce a good picture? Even when the world digital camera technology being so advance, producing a “good” picture still a questionable doubt?
No… no… no… to capture a nice, proper picture, you only need a camera smart phone with the correct lighting, correct composition, correct subject, and correct timing, press the shutter button, that’s it, the picture is there. It is so simple.
If you insist, and putting all your efforts, and you definite will capture a very very good picture. Why everyone still asking how to capture a good picture?
Let’s see “How to capture a bad photo?
As a photographer, is all about creativity, it comes naturally in you, in your soul, you know the trick to capture the right emotion, the right mood at the right time. Is all about creativity and do not have direct relationship with years of experience. Some photographer have more than 25years of experience, yet capture OOF (out of focus) images, and still dare to upload to Facebook and Social Media Platform to showcase the best OOF of the year.

First rules, please capture your images in focus.

If a photographer is doing a event photography assignment, and he full force to took about 3000 photos, that’s really sound great, isn’t it. When the client saw all the photos submitted, client started to cry, why? 

  •  There isn’t any specific subject or information in the photo
  • There is no one looking at the camera when group photo
  • There is too many repeating photo which like snap every single second, no different.
  • The photo is OOF (Out of Focus)

After client work hard to savage the “acceptable” photos, ONLY 800 images ok to keep.

Second rules, please plan before snap, every images should carry an information.

If you’re good, just say I’m ok, if you’re bad, and you don’t blow that you’re the best of the best in the universe. Once friend shared his experience that a photographer told him that he did so many similar job, and it is just “Piece of cake” for him, my friend trusted him for what he said. At the end, my friend need to pay back some token to the client due to most of the photos is unusable.

Third rules, be humble, be true, be yourself.

BullSh*t can brings you to some extend, but it won’t make your stay there, soon people will realise, they only getting Shit.

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