Life: How to write a Resume for job application

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You may write thousand or few hundred thousand of words in this life about everything. Even though you are the expert of writing for any topic in the world, but the most important one is the Resume of yourself. Is like a sale brochure for yourself, is the true description of you, and it also decide the cost/price of you.

A good resume gives you better oppurtunity in job application. Let’s think about it, you or resume reach first in applying job? Answer always is “Resume”, either you write it or you deposit to the company website, still they read your resume before they meeting you. How to write a Resume for job application?

List down all the qualitifcations / certificates (Preparation stage)
Before start to write a resume, please take some time to find and arrange all your certificates. List them in sequence, based on year or importancy of qualification.

You need to introduce yourself to them, a basic details of yourself is a MUST. Especially about your education level, working experience (if any). Make it simple and understandable to the audience (interviewer). Explain your experience in detail, yet simple.

Very Important: Please elaborate more on the project you had done in previous company, and how impactful of the project towards the company profit and lost.

Please DO NOT copy paste your job description which you’d found at internet or Ex Company SOP. Interviewer understand General job decription very well, they don’t need reminder from you. What they wanted to know from you, is the experience that you’d gained, that’s matter for them. Some of them very worry about how fast you can adapt to their culture, that’s why they wanted to listen to you more.

Please read through the story of the company that you’re going to be interview for job. Understand their business nature and understand your abilities which can benefit them in any form. Is very awkward if you don’t know anything about them when you sit infront of interviewer. Interviewer will be happy when they sense that you’ve a sound understanding in their business. Bold the skills that they wanted the most in your resume, let them see it, they mist see it.

Don’t pick the referral that will destroy you. Pick them wisely. Best friend always not the best referral in a resume. They are the best person to explains about your personality in very frank way, you need a person who can gives a professional comment. Always put your Ex Co-worker or superior who understand yours expertise very well. They always can gives credit that impress to person who ask.

Is very easy to write a resume for a job application when you know how to do it.

Good Luck for your job application.

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