Little Miss & Mister 2021 was officially launched on 06 Aug 2021

Little Miss & Mister 2021 was officially launched on 06 Aug 2021

Kuala Lumpur, Friday, 6th August 2021 – Little Miss & Mister 2021 was officially launched today at a press conference held via Zoom.

Little Miss & Mister Malaysia is a Children’s Festival of Social, Arts and Culture that brings together talented children from all regions within the country. This annual national festival is open to children of different ethnicities and cultures, aged between 4 and 15. Division winners will earn the right to be Malaysia’s delegates to the world’s biggest and most prestigious childrens’ festival of arts & culture – Little Miss & Little Mister United World 2022 – whose finals will be held in Antalya, Turkey. The Malaysian edition will be held virtually this year

Little Miss & Mister 2021 was officially launched on 06 Aug 2021

Little Miss & Mister Malaysia 2021 is organised by Dance V Me and is headed by Founder and President Jessie Foo. The prestigious children’s festival was first established as Little Miss Malaysia in 2014, but was eventually changed to Little Miss & Mister Malaysia to include boys in order to afford equal opportunity for both boys and girls to learn, share, cultivate friendships and develope leadership qualities.

The guest of honour that spoke at the virtual press conference today included Natalya Kovalyova, Founder & President of Little Miss & Little Mister United World, Tyra Angel Odeny, 2018 Grand Prix Winner & UNESCO Ambassador from Kenya and Srisupa Kesawapitak, 2019 Grand Prix winner from Thailand.

The international children’s festival “Little Miss & Little Mister United World” was founded by Natalya Kovalyova in 2000. Participating delegates from all over the world annually gather at the festival to strengthen the friendly ties between their countries, get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the world, show their talents and join forces in an effort to make the world a better, cleaner and kinder place. The international festival gives each participant a unique experience and self-confidence. The winners of the festival from different age groups become “Children of the Year” in their countries and take part in the cultural activities of their countries. The festival travels to different countries, becoming more and more popular every year. Since 2000, it has been attended by participants from 65 countries

2018 winner Tyra Angel Odeny, who is also the founder of the Gorgeous and Cool Organization that created the Little Miss Gorgeous and Little Mister Cool event. She is also a philanthropist who helps the needy through charity projects financed by her company Miss Tee which sells fashionable braids that brightens up the world. She shared her experiences, successes and what it took to become a winner at Little miss and Little Mister United World, during the press conference.

2019 Grand Prix winner Srisupa Kesawapitak is also a Champion of Asia Figure Skating 2017 & 2018. At 12 years old, graduating high school and holds many hats on community projects.

Little Miss & Mister 2021 was officially launched on 06 Aug 2021

This year’s theme of the festival is “The Magical Kingdom”. Magic and fairy tales bring positivity and hope, joy and happiness to all children and their families. The pandemic has affected every adult and especially children, so its is hoped that the. “My Family, My World” a little family project as part of the festival will help enlighten the home atmosphere and foster closer family relationships.

“Little Miss & Mister Malaysia is more than just a pageant. It is designed to promote and instill social awareness, cultural and family values to our children,” explained founder Jessie Foo in her welcome address.

This year’s theme of the festival’s project is “Love, Care, Helping & Sharing”. The best social/cultural project receives a RM1,000 cash prize, which is to be donated to the charity organization or social project of their choice.

“Believe in our children and nuture them with love, care and social values and we will witness their magical qualities unveiling,” continued Jessie.

“Remeber big dreams start small,” she added proudly.

The two main highlights of this festival includes the talent show and the fashion show during which finalists get to showcase their best talent and also their runway skills.

Of course the most thrilling part of the festival will be the witnessing the crowning of our children, hence the much anticipated Award Gala Ceremony.

The festival will also include enrichment programs for both children and their family. Professionals and master coaches will conduct virtual live sessions covering various topics that includes personal grooming, make-up, catwalk & posing, public speaking, dancing, photography, and social & cultural awareness.

The main competition will take place virtually from 10th August to 18th September 2021.

Little Miss & Mister 2021 was officially launched on 06 Aug 2021
From Left: Elyn Loh, Llyn Loh & Jarellyn Cheong

Also attending and sharing their festival stories were past winner’s parents – prominent O&B physician Dr Tan Ee Ping and Swan Lum, founder and owner of Ampang Glasshouse. Both are loyal supporters of the festival.

Tan is the mother of Little Miss World 2015 winner Jarellyn Cheong while Swan is the mother Mini Miss World 2019 Elyn Loh & Silver Prix International Model 2019 Ilyn Loh. The girls showcased their talents during the press conference.

“Behind every child who believes in herself, there is a parent that believes in her first,” Dr Tan beamed in approval during her sharing session.

As a parent we should keep challenging them to think better, do better and be better” added Swan who was equally as proud of her talented children.

Jarellyn is also the winner of Little Miss Malaysia 2014 and the reigning Champion of Malaysian Ballroom Dancesport. She is also Malaysia’s representative to the upcoming SEA Games in Vietnam and Asia Indoor Games in Thailand for 2021/2022.

Speaking beyond her age, Jarellyn thoughtfully commented, “Success does not come from winning, it comes from all the experiences we make.”

Finalists will meet for friendship building and discussions on projects from 10th to 15th August 2021. Finals requirements and submissions of projects and video submissions will take place from 16th to 31st August 2021. Enrichment workshops along with live talks will be conducted from 20th August to 8th September 2021 followed by live judging from 10th September 2021, culminating in the awards ceremony on 18th September 2021.

“Thanks to generous sponsors, delegates stand to win scholarships and prizes worth up to RM 100,000 at the festival this year. This is a massive increase compared to the previous years,” Jess concluded.

Ampang Glasshouse is the Official Supporting Partner to Little Miss & Mister 2021 and is one of the key propogators of the festival.

Among the platinum sponsors who made this festival possible are Jeong Family and Vivian Lai Aesthetics. Gold sponsors include Mega Music World, Hair Atelier, Alist Academy while silver sponsors include Johan Speaking Academy, Farmskin Malaysia, Scuba G Mermaid, Selangor Fashion Week and PV Pageant Vote,

Smile Studio is the Official Photographer while Rentak Sejuta is the Official Media Partner,

Prospective participants can click here:

The organisers will follow up with your registration. For further questions, updates, and enquiries on participation, contact the festival organisers on:

Facebook: Little Miss & Mister Malaysia
Instagram: @littlemissmistermalaysia
Whatsapp: +6012-3301543 (Jessie)

For Media Enquiries:

Kumaraguru Olaganathan (Dragon)
+6016 2939930

Jessie Foo
Founder & President of Little Miss & Mister Malaysia
Founder & CEO of Dance V Me
+6012 9211486


SOCIAL and FAMILY Project Theme – Love, Care, Sharing & Helping:

“Charity / Social Works Begins at Home” (10 to 15 years old)

Our whole country is under lockdown now. More so than ever, we must show our love and care by sharing and extending our helping hands. All can start from HOME. Make a project video of your charity or social project. Examples (but not limited to) : Recycling at home, helping other children in schoolwork and giving tuitions online, selling or giving away old books /toys/clothes to contribute to charity, cleaning up neighbourhoods, helping stray animals etc. Many more others you can explore on – charity, social or cultural.

“My Family, My World” (4 -9 years old) F.A.M.I.L.Y

Its one of the strongest words anyone can say because the letters of family means “ Father And Mother I Love You”!! Our family means the world to us. In this event, we want you to show us how you love spending time with your family, so introduce them to us! Prepare a short video. Examples : why do you love your family or how family is very important to you? Do you have family traditions? Do a cooking session or a little project together.

There should only be one entry per participant. Format – MP4 & LANDSCAPE ONLY. (can be shot with a mobile phone or camera). Size – Do NOT exceed 2GB Duration of the video – 2 mins to 5 mins (maximum)

ART COSTUME Presentation:

“Let your Creativity shine through”

Each participant will prepare their own Art costumes. Model presentation and let the world witness your transformation on video. Bring your selected character to life!

There should only be one entry per participant. Format – MP4 & LANDSCAPE ONLY. (can be shot with a mobile phone or camera). Size – Do NOT exceed 2GB Duration of the video – 2 mins (maximum). Including a brief self introduction.

TALENT Showcase:

“Everyone has Talent. Let Yours Shine!”

Showcase your best skills and talent in your performance. Be it dancing, singing, magic, musical instruments, acting, story telling, acrobatics, etc. Capture in video and submit your best recording. Make sure to include a short introduction. (eg. I’m ……, I’m 7 years old from …..?. I’m going to sing the song titled “Let ….”)

There should only be one entry per participant. Format – MP4 & LANDSCAPE ONLY. (Can use handphone or camera) Size – Do NOT exceed 2GB Duration of the video – 2 mins (maximum) Warning! If you exceed the time limit of 2 minutes 10% of points will be deducted.

Catwalk Fashion MODEL

Participants in Model category are required to prepare and submit: 1. Portfolio/Lookbook (e-copy) – to include 6 to 10 photos.- photoshoots, fashion, stage or runway shows. 2. Catwalk Fashion Modelling of one (1) casual and one (1) formal wear.

Format – MP4 & LANDSCAPE ONLY. (can use a handphone or camera) Size – Do NOT exceed 2GB Duration of video – 1 min/video Make sure to include a brief self introduction. (eg. I’m Amanda, I’m 7 years old from Sarawak.)

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