Lost your job, what do you do?

Lost your job, what do you do?
Covid-19 pandemic hit our world hard since year end 2019, and continue torture our world daily until now, as long as no vaccine present, it will continues. It make all business activities halt, world economy facing the most terrible down fall ever. The death rate keep increase day by day, and we can’t do anything about it at this moment. But there is another serious issue beside the daily death rates, is unemployment rates.
The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a massive blow to the Malaysian labour market as the number of unemployed persons surges 16.2 per cent in March, which means there were 610,500 people without any job, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM).
Estimated 610,500 unemployed in March, means the unemployed headcount now is even much more compare to March. Some people said there might be more than 3million unemployed around the world, and I won’t surprise on this figure because there are so many business closing down now.
There is a joke saying “If you wish to go restaurant for lunch, please ready for the plan B, maybe the plan A restaurant had been closed down.”
If you really Lost your job, what do you do?
You might be super worry and anxious because you had lost the main income and it might direct affected your household income too. Please stay calm, even though the market is tough, but there are still have company hiring at this moment. You need to prepare yourself for the new job, you need to learn 2 most important things.
You can fire your boss before their fire you. But please ready a job on hand before you do the resignation. If not, then GOD BLESS YOU.

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Without a Good Proper Resume/CV to interview, you’re like naked walk into interview room. A Good Resume explain why the new company need to hire you, and your value to them. It is the first impression to the company before the company see you.

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Covid-19 Pandemic, economy crisis make lot of people suffer, and we can’t avoid it now. Please stay strong, do not lose hope, better tomorrow always will come.

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