Make Up Artist Make Money Better

Make Up Artist Make Money Better
Make up is an important process or activity for a girl, before they step out from their house to work, to event or for casual dinner. Girl put on make up because they respect the occasion, the event or the people. That’s the reason why cosmetic and makeup product is the biggest market in the world.
Even though makeup is so important, not everyone can do it well by their own. Some really can do own makeup and some can’t. They need to hire makeup artist either goto their home todo it, or they stop by makeup artist studio to do it. It always comes together with Hairstyling too. Little do you know that makeup artist is actually making a lot of money compare the profession related or linked to them, especially Photographer and Videographer.

Why Make Up Artist Make Money Better?

1.  Makeup artist have more business in a day
Makeup artist can do more business in a day compare to Photographer. Take wedding makeup for example, a good makeup artist can take up to 2 jobs in the morning and photographer can only take one job in a the same day. In event, a makeup artist can do makeup for multiple person in the same event.
2. Makeup artist always get the credit
Even though the picture done by the photographer, people will still claims it is because the makeup is nice, the photo edit is nice. No one will cares about who is the photographer instead of Makeup Artist. In social media posting, only makeup artist will be credit as “Makeup done by xxx xxxx”, yet forget the person who snap the picture. By this, there are more referral business at client circles.
3. Makeup artist easier to build business network
Once makeup done, and event started, makeup artist can always choose to join the event and build network while other linked business person is either busy take photos, take videos, emceeing or etc. While doing business networking, makeup artist can directly showcase their works, because their client with their makeup mingle around in the event space.
There are more points where a makeup artist is a better choice of business. Please do not feel regret if you’re not a makeup artist. Even makeup artist business is a good opportunity, still much of them do not draw big income, mainly due to Client regret FOC by giving them “Credit” and “Exposure”.
All the best to Makeup Artist, Photographer and Videographer.

Photo credit to ALPHOTOS

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