Malaysia Top 5 Food Website & Facebook

Malaysia Top 5 Food Website & Facebook

In Malaysia, when ever you see a friend, you definitely will ask/greet “How are you? have you eaten your meal?” (Apa Khabar, Sudah makan? or 早安,吃饭了吗?)We cares about our friends, and worry they haven’t have their breakfast, lunch or dinner, that’s how important of FOOD in Malaysia. How to get good food, or proper food for ourself?

Malaysia have lot of good food, in some context did listed the TOP 10 Malaysia Food. In fact we have plenty of GREAT food in Malaysia. As Malaysia is a multi–ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society, that make us have the biggest menu of food and drink. Yet, to pick the good one, the suitable one, the desire one out from the million of Malaysian Food, we need some professional person to show us. That’s why now we have a lot of Food Influencer, KOL, and the best is the Food Website & Food Facebook Page, they will always show us the right place to find our favourite food and new menu in the market.

Let’s see the TOP 5 of the list.

1. 我爱大马美食 I Love Malaysian Food (980k followers)

Chinese Facebook page that recommend new food, new restaurant, new hotspot in Malaysia. They will show you how to go, how to order and even show you the right way of eating.


2. 翻转大马吃喝玩乐 Eat Pray Love (952k followers)

In mandarin direct translation of the page name is “Turn over Malaysia to eat, drink and enjoys, In english their name is Eat Pray Love. Love their photos and writing about the place, the food and the experience of whole.

【翻转大马吃喝玩乐 Eat Pray Love】 在这里会为你分享更多最新、最丰富、最Hot的美食和旅游资讯!

3. 吉隆坡美食猎人 Gourmet Hunter KL (754k followers)

They are good in recommends new restaurant in video, they brings you through the business, food and the eating experience by video.

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4. 静晶日记Vlog Popcorn Pictures (77k followers)

Popcorn Pictures is a talented Vlog that brings all the fun into F&B recommendation, you feel happy to watch their video, and they never fail to make you laugh.

5. 好想,好想吃 Eats MY  ( 1 million hits)

Brand new F&B website that brings “REAL” information to you, and they also goto discover all the hidden gems in Malaysia for you (those being forgotten by many, yet good food). In Covid-19 period, Eatsmy & Chef Dong take up the initiative to kick start Food delivery Facebook Group to provide FREE platform for all food provider to advertise their delivery service and menu.
They work closely with Australia Food to brings more healthy food information in their latest column eatwell . feelgood.
Eatsmy collaborate with food photographer to locate more hidden menu for you, and some you might hear it for the first time. will brings you go around Malaysia and Asia to seek hidden gems. We should not stop seeking those unforgettable tastes.

Of course there are more platform that work hard to brings information of Good food for you, and we will find out more information in the next post. Stay Tuned.

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