Malaysian Influencer & Youtuber YBB related news: Jeff & Inthira being back fire by netizen

Malaysian Influencer & Youtuber YBB related news: Jeff & Inthira being bad mouth by netizen

Jeff & Inthira had published a video to ask netizen do not cyber bully YBB right after YBB commit suicide incident. Both of them request public/victim to spare YBB some time to make thing clearer and plan out the next action.

Their action somehow is sound OK to public, but some netizen is not agree fully. When YBB case escalate to current condition where YBB actually involved cheating, gambling and other issues, when more people step out to talk about YBB’s issues, netizen turns back to Jeff and Inthira now, due to they supported YBB at the first place.

Jeff & Inthira make a official announcement saying that they do not support cyber bully, and they also not support “cheating” or any wrong doing of YBB. They hope netizen can stop cyber bully them, as their youtube channel, facebook being reported numerously till video being removed or hide by Facebook.

I think we need to focus on YBB issue, and not direct your anger towards others. Hope everyone can understand this. I also hope who ever wish to support someone, please do so after you’d understand the whole scenario, or else will be same as the news now.

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