Malaysian Influencer & Youtuber YBB successful refund victim 218K

Malaysian Influencer & Youtuber YBB Video apologise to all victim, and advice fans not to get involved in gambling activities

Malaysian Influencer & Youtuber YBB successful repay victim 218K, these are the batch one victim. Good to see that YBB & YBB Family is working out to repay those money. Other batch victim will queue up for the refund, and hope it will be as soon as possible.

During these period, more hidden character slowly surface to voice out, there is a KOL named John step out to record a video to make clear his position. He told public that he is YBB admirer and being used by her during wrong doing period. He claimed he lend 5figure amount to YBB too. Good luck for him for the next relationship.

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